The Night's Watch - The Brotherhood of the Watch (Intro Deck

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  • This deck wants to play a very defensive game, centered around The Wall (Core); if you can marshal a good selection of characters with different challenge icons and keep your defense up, the power bonus from The Wall (Core) will eventually carry you to victory.
  • be careful about playing too defensively, however, as most decks will be able to outpace your power gains unless you also initiate some challenges of your own
  • your Wildling characters, led by Jon Snow (WotW), are particularly effective when attacking.
  • this deck also attempts to take control of your opponent's characters; characters like Old Bear Mormont (WotW) and Yoren (Core) put characters from the opponent's discard pile into play under your control; try and use intrigue claim and other discard effects to fill up the opponent's discard pile.
  • other cards, such as Recruiter for the Watch and Take the Black take control of an opponent's character in play; these cards can provide an especially large advantage, since you are both gaining a character and causing your opponent to lose a character.

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