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Magnus 121

Norwegian meta decks

These are some of the decks being used by the Norwegian meta. I will rank each of them from beginner to hard (beginner meaning this can easily be used as a deck to introduce the game to a newbie) Each deck is built to be used competitive in some forms, and even the decks ranked BEGINNER can do real damage :)

This deck is ranked Intermediate (well suited for people who got control over shadow play - and is competitive enought to be used in tournaments)

The White Book

For the Beginner version of this deck - Press here!

The idea behind the deck is to make challenges to earn power using Knights and Kingsguard characters to do so. We also got a Shadow theme surrounding The Knight of Flowers (AtG) The decks focus is to get out a bunch of kingsguards/knights to make huge military or power challenge for lots of renown power. It can be used both in melee and in joust. The Begginner actually won our last melee tourney!!!

Special plays:

Ser Jaime Lannister (BtB) is a interesting card, and can stop a bunch of fun for those who plays jumpers or shadow cards vs you :) It's a forced trigger, so whenever someone enters play and Jaime is knelt, he will stand and that character will be discarded. But remember, he needs to be knelt to work, so if you are indeed afraid of something coming out from the opponents hand or shadow area, get him knelt asap :P

The Shadow Knight

The King of Shadow cards for The Knight of Flowers (AtG) got some tech to support him in this deck: Ser Mandon Moore and Ser Robert Strong is here to help support you. REMEMBER ONE THING THOUGH: Ser Jaime Lannister (BtB) is litterally the stopper of all fun, so please remember to play the Shadow characters (Mandon Moore and Robert Strong Robert Strong) before you've knelt Ser Jaime Lannister (BtB), as they will be discarded.

There is some exceptions to this rule (if you are missing just a few power, and you got Ser Jaime and perhaps Knight of Flowersknelt; a character coming out of Shadow will trigger them both to stand up again, so they can make another challenge at the cost of that Character getting discarded because of Jaime's ability

Mulligan for either Redwyne Straits or even better The Arbor in SETUP. Open with Summer Harvest to get more of the locations on the board. Trigger Oldtown in Dominance phase AFTER you've triggered The Hollow Hill. If you don't hit with Oldtown in dominance, then do it again in Standing phase (as then you will know 100% certainty what cards is on top, to grab your "free" power") :)

Marshal Margaery Tyrell (HoT) and you got the option of triggering your agenda on attack, which is really great with this deck :) (she's a queen, which makes it possible to trigger on offensive as well).

When you discard for reserve in taxation, its superb to discard one of the big Kingsguard characters, as you can get them for free from the discard pile in the next round with using The White Swords :)

It will be good to go 2nd the most of the rounds, as you can defend one of the challenges and stand all kingsguards if you are player 2, and then attach with almost full force when its your turn. The exeption is of course when you play A Tourney for the King, as that is your finisher :)

If your meta has tested this, please let me know your thoughts :)

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