Run, you Fools! - King at the Wall V.

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Khaleasi1110 166

Hello friends. Winter is slowly but surely coming to the Wall. Time to visit lovely Berlin and see some of you! 🙂

I must compliment Alex for organization, venue was very nice and cozy, snacks unlimited and coffee boiling hot. The atmosphere was pleasant and relaxed, the decks varied and the games exciting. And somehow, I came to compete for the most bizarre Faction/Agenda combo of the lot.

Alright, let’s get to it.

Since Martell Fools was cancelled, I missed the agenda overall. How can this hole in my heart be repaired? Meanwhile playing 8 Regents, I got to look at the NW card pool a bit closer. Then an idea came to mind - what if fools could get “immune to Omen plot effects” from Craster… Although the realization, that this is in fact impossible, crushed my hopes and dreams, the already built deck didn’t seem too bad. Night’s Watch has some “plot control” - The Crow is a Tricksy Bird turn one with Gates into Highroad ensure that you know which resets the opponent plays. Either you cope with an early VM or you cancel their FSOW or MKC with Forgotten Plans. If nothing else is in the way, you fight for board position without holding back. If that doesn’t work, you still have your boy Craster to save the day. At the Palace of Sorrows (R) is great against Targ and ensures secure challenge wins and makes Former Champion great. Since NW most prevalent keyword is No attachment, I had to open a neutral basket, which allowed for a little bit of non-loyal tech. A Noble Lineage to treat my 5-cost monocons and make setups better.

The tournament started with a rather surprising win against Hanno (my first in history). Seeing his plot deck and hand turn one plus his lack of economy allowed for my resilience against his aggressive puppies. Congratulations on the title of a German champion and making direwolfs great!

The second round was a familiar face-off - we both knew eachother’s decks, and also David helped me to make this deck better. I knew I couldn’t cope without a loaded Begging Brother (or two). I kept my nice starting hand where I perhaps should have risk-mulliganed for The Iron Throne (LMHR). I found myself in a weak board situation and it was only fair I lost this one.

The third game was KUWalek with Baratheon - Wars with “kneeling and staying low” kind of tech. First turn Selyse gave me some dark thoughts and Begging Brother again proved very useful in canceling Robert Baratheon (FotS), ultimately leading to a win.

Next there was Radek with his Targaryen tricks, masterfully using the most versatile agenda in the game. Again Ghost of Hight Heart was useful to check for burn, then my Sorrows on his Blood of the Dragon turn and Drogon cancels sealed the deal.

The fifth game with Fabro and his Tyrell Dragon was a bit unbalanced from the start. Nope Throne on setup ensured that Renly Baratheon (FFH) never saw the light of day. Some unlucky draws on my opponent’s side and shared Varamyr’s intimidate led to final score of 4:1.

My top 8 game was with Lennart and his untouchable board was a disaster from the start. Crone-ing my VD, I couldn’t get my challenges through the sheer strength of his characters. Congratulations on making the second place!

Overall great tourney, a perfect way to spend a late summer weekend and I plan on coming back if at all possible. Thanks to all participants for making this a great experience, specially to Kristin and Magnus for going such a way. Cheers!


Lirania 1

What a beauty, I have a lot of fun with it and I´m seeing forward to have some more fun with at. Thank you for building

mak 308

Nice Gandalf quote ;) Congrats!

TRYHRDRf1sh 29

Immune to Omen - been there, tried that :-D

Congrats. Nice deck. Champ and Palace is sweet.

Feuerbart 65

nice to see something fresh!