[French National] Courteous Clan (Top Lannister)

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Courteous 65

Greetings from the Lion's family,

I made Top Lannister with this deck, playing Clansmen since they are realeased. Due to some new cards, clan jump archetype became quite more competitive than before and more Meta.

If you need some infos :

I/ Plotline
I went for a resilient plotline, not only a 2 claim deck all the way.

  • I prefered VM over other reset, But VD or 1st snow might be better depending the situation.
  • We rely a lot on some big guy So we have to resurrect them if needed with Close Call
  • Bran The Builder Sounds like one of the best Lanni eco/draw plot now
  • Retaliation is a question I still have, but I'm pretty much sure it's meta call

II/ Characters
I Know, it might seems strange BUT I play most of unique clansmen as trashable characters, if they die, I don't mind. That's why most of them are x1.

  • Balerion in MFG is a great asset, can became a clansman for tyrion and low ambush cost.
  • Tywin, Good solo on the table, really usefull with Harenhall/Tower of the Hand combo, and if in dead pile can give renown+ Tricon with MFG.

Questionnable choice :

III/ Attachments

  • Pyromancer C. is a good card in the meta. Stalling Big location like Pyke / Casterly rock 5 / Dorne 4 / Winterfell 4.

Fell free to ask questions here, I'll try to answer asap OR pm me on Discord : courteous

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