8 Regents Targaryen Meansight

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Johannes 441

This deck was originally built by Peter and since I ran out of decks I had practised, I asked to run this against Stark. I think this deck was a true team effort and lot of our players contributed for it. Don't remember exactly who suggested what but I think I actually didn't contribute much or at all for this deck. But it's a fun one, so it's worth publishing.

Basic idea for the deck was abusing Crone of Vaes Dothrak with Greensight and also just take advantage of Targ discard tech. To get most out of Crones, we added also 3x Ghost of High Heart and new fun event The Seed is Strong which should be especially spicy against Stark :) Since it also gives hand information in addition to False Spring, The Iron Throne (LMHR) was a logical add. Other than that, it run the mercenary pack since Tyrion can bring characters discarded with Greensight to play which gives you card advantage.

Unfortunately The Father is now restricted so the deck needs to find another plot to replace it. Probably something low initiative for The Seed is Strong but finding one with such a strong effect is difficult.

The actual game

The game was against Sara who played Stark Stag passive power deck. I had two copies of The Seed is Strong in my opening hand so I had a way to get rid of some lords and ladies at least. I lost initiative to Heir to the Iron Throne first round and Sara got Catelyn Stark (WotN) out straight away and put me on the clock. I think Sara had to discard Bran Stark (Core) and Arya Stark (Core) for The Seed is Strong which seemed underwhelming at the time. But I think at least losing Arya helped me put some military pressure to her board. Cat was hoarding power early but I think I found Milk of the Poppy for her. But there was also Sansa Stark (Core), so she had a lot of power early.

Next turn I played (I think it was plot 3) False Spring since Sara had only three cards in hand. I think was the toughest decision I made all game, since the cards were Wyman Manderly (R), Chamber of the Painted Table and Maester Cressen (Core). I ended up discarding Cressen, since Cat was Milked and I had another Milk for Wyman as well. And I thought Valar Dohaeris can take care of board with Wyman and Cat. Chamber of the Painted Table was a big gamble though and I just needed to win dom in the next few rounds. Luckily things went my way.

I got Daario Naharis out and started really hurting Sara's board. I think Cat or Wyman got Mercenary Contract as well, so Daario kept stealing me a big body. I managed to reduce the board to just Wyman and Cat and then played Dohaeris when Sara didn't have cards in hand anymore. Really intense game but a lot of fun at least from my part even though not sure if Crone of Vaes Dothrak actually killed anyone in the end :) Greensight worked for me, since I managed to discard a copy of The Iron Throne (Core) with it. If Sara would have gotten the IKEA set, winning the game would have been very difficult.

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