A weird deck from Online 2024

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Templar79 17

This my deck on Online 2024. Who knows what the deck could achieve with a good pilot. I finish 3-3, but my both games with @trojant and @teamjimby (in the round 4 nad 5) I lose, because I make huge mistake in The Mad King's Command turn my opp. I chose wrong location and in next round my eco is so bad, so I cant play Coldhands. This deck dont win many challenge, but grab power in every round. After all the games I think that Benjen Stark should have one slot and should put 2 copy In the Name of Your King!, and 2 copy Motley. Thanks to all organizers. see you in a year



Did you ever build a deck without The Wall (Core)? ;-) I love your buildings, always very unique!

Templar79 17

@WQB I have couple deck without Wall, but sometimes I have one copy, only for boost str.

BlueHill 30

The King's Peace, on competitive deck?! That is amazing. Thank you for sharing this odd and awesome deck!

teamjimby 1987

This deck gave me so much trouble, and I was very lucky to escape with a win. I never knew I could hate Dolorous Edd or Parley at Storm's End so much! It didn't come up in our game, but I love the Motley here and the combo with Patchface.

I was surprised that you didn't run Valar Morgulis, especially since you can remove dupes with the Mutineers or Coldhands, and you have Duel to punish decks with multiple big characters. Were you happy with Valar Dohaeris or did you wish you had VM (either instead of or in addition to VD)?

Templar79 17

@teamjimby VD is work in every game I play, I remove dupes to VM my opp hit him just as hard. Maybe if I take Benjen Stark, i take VM too. Definitely I should play VD one turn later in our game. And I have Delena in every game in tournament except with You. :)

Lirania 1

There are 2 Things, I wanted to mention

  1. If you want to play VM and VD you thought playing Craster? he would help in case you do.
  2. Not so long ago I build the same Deck Idea xD and I had the Craster Idea just cause of your comment. Probably will include it in my version of the deck. Tbh I am really impressed and hyped about somebody else having the same idea and making it competetive so kudos to you :D