Pleasure and Lions (Vienna SC winner 24/1/16)

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Untergeher 1

This deck went undefeated (4:0) in a small store championship tournament in Vienna (Austria).

The basic idea is to rush to 15 power as fast as possible (usually around plot 4 or 5) using renown characters like The Knight of Flowers and Randyll Tarly.

The events are mostly there to control the board state or to stand Randyll Tarly using Growing Strong if you can’t find Margaery Tyrell or one of your three copies of Heartsbane. Left and Right also work nicely, especially against Baratheon and factions that want to use Put to the Sword against your main characters.

One important thing when playing this deck is to play around Wildfire Assault (your own and your opponent’s). The rest of the plots are rather straight forward. A Clash of Kings is the plot I use to finish the game. Sneak Attack is an alternative, but can be also used for early game aggression.

I personally like to put Seal of the Hand on Margaery Tyrell or the The Knight of Flowers. Treachery on the other hand gives you lots of options to control the game as well. I think you cut down to two copies.

Some rather painful compromise I had to make: No copies of The Hand’s Judgment. I will try to make space for maybe a copy or two, mostly because of Dracarys!. I would maybe also try to include a third copy of Pleasure Barge. The card is just great in this deck and will give you excellent card draw when you need it.

Overall I think I went 15:1 (vs. Martell/Flower), 15:0 (vs. Baratheon Fealty), 15:6 (vs. Greyjoy/Lion) and 15:1 (vs. Targaryen Fealty). It was an awesome first Game of Thrones tournament experience for me and I had some great opponents over the course of the day.

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xikitins 53

What a impressive results. Congratz. If the main idea is to rush to 15 power, lady sansa's rose fit perfectly to this deck, isn't it? What do you take out to put sansa's rose?