Thrones WAR 2016 Top 8: Martell Banner of the Lion

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handshaker6 114

This is an initiative/Sunspear, bouncing characters (both yours and mine), Varys, Nymeria Sand/Tears of Lys deck filled out with the strong, efficient Lannister characters. It has a ton of different routes to winning, and the flexibility makes it strong. Plaza of Punishment and Treachery seem to be the weakest spots for it -- but can you show me any deck where those are not an issue?

A word on Sneak Attack, which was the last card I added: I really hate this plot, and don't think it is generally very good. However, I put it in without testing before the Thrones W.A.R. tournament and was very happy to have it all day long -- this might be the deck it goes best in. It guarantees you getting to be second player, and with Sunspear out you can force your opponent to not attack you on several challenges. The high gold also makes it easy to play Varys after your opponent has marshaled.

I build much better with friends: Thanks to my Martell teammates, Jeff K, Shaun M, and Frank R. for helping me through testing and feeding up lots of ideas. Also to Aaron Glazer and Dave Bamford who both served as consultants on the final build.

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