Fire Cannot Kill A Dragon

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Corum89 47

This deck has been winning casual jousts locally for me, but no tourneys yet. The idea started with two Wildfire Assault in the plots and one Rebuilding. I had to change it around because sometimes my opponent just didn't throw characters fast enough to make the second Wildfire worth it, or I was too efficient in controlling the board and the second Wildfire would hurt me worse than them. So I switched it around.

The basic strategy is to get the Plaza of Punishment, Daenerys Targaryen, and the Unsullied out as quickly as possible. Try to get the Crown of Gold in hand and use it on a big guy. After you cycle through either Dracarys!, the Crown or Fire and Blood, you use Rebuilding to get them back in the deck, allowing you to double-dip on instant character snuff-out. The double Rebuilding allows you to be really liberal with the aforementioned events, even if they just get countered by The Hand's Judgment - you'll see them again real soon.

The main problem I've seen in this deck is the high average costs and the weak start. Milk of the Poppy is a nearly non-existent problem with Vaes Dothrak and Viserys Targaryen, and Syrio's Training makes Dany into a beast. Last but not least, a short explanation of why Syrio Forel and the Training are both int he deck when Dany has Stealth already: Besides the defensive implications against Killjoy Decks, Syrio allows you to pick which of the opponent's characters are available to block - effectively giving you control over who participates and thus becomes a target for Dracarys!.

Comments and improvement suggestions appreciated.


CurunirLan 1

Few suggestions:

  1. Building Orders + Rebuilding combi is nice, but to maximise effect I suggest you to play 2x Shadowblack Lane to reuse many Targ events you play. Also just 1 Rebuilding is enough.

  2. You lack of low cost claim characters. Put 3x Handmaiden and remove 1x Syrio Forel, he is good, but not for Fealty deck so good... also you don't want to have more than 1x copy of him when Wildfire Assault come to worry about to save him. 3x Ser Jorah Mormont and 3x Khal Drogo are also recommended.

  3. About Plots... I tested Jousting Contest for about 1 month in my Targ deck, and even it's sometimes good plot (you make opponet no't defend because he is scared of Dracarys), often I find this plot very useless because of low gold and initiative... also I would recommend you put Calm Over Westeros for good economy plot and protection (early game military or intrigue, late game power). For brutal start put Marched to the Wall in deck.

All in all, I like what you did with low cost attachments and Vaes Dothrak, will test is soon myself.

Corum89 47

After some testing I made some of the edits you suggested Curun. The Shadowblack with Dany out is brutal (SBL gets targeted by everything now!). I dropped in two Crone of Vaes Dothrak and dropped Syrio altogether - she can even use the Arakh in a pinch (lolz). I had to add cards anyway because I had to drop the Superior Claim due to Agenda limits.

I kept the 2xRebuilding because I have actually begun to use it to the full extent combined with SBL if the game goes long - usually due to Dracarys! getting busted by The Hand's Judgment...

I tried 3x Drogo, but in two different games he got singled out by Tears of Lys, and he sat in the dead pile because I was using the Fire and Blood on my dragons.

Corum89 47

[edit to above] I also dropped Jousting Contest for Counting Coppers once I get my economy up (no Littlefingers in this one).

Thanks for the help!