A Dance with Dragons 2nd Place Kingsmoot Tournament

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Fire and Blood 173 134 32 1.0
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"Justice, vengeance... Fire and Blood" - 1st Place at D20 Ro 1 1 0 1.0

Jensen22 217

Thanks to the Uncle’s Games crew for hosting the event. It was a blast. 31 players squared off for the Inaugural 2.0 Kingsmoot Tournament. 5 Rounds of Swiss, with a cut to top 4 was the plan. Thanks to agktme’s Fire and Blood for the inspiration…

I had planned on testing several decks against Bara Fealty the night before. Instead I ended up spending several hours teaching the game to a couple of new players. Well worth it in my opinion. At about 4am I decided to put this together. I changed a handful of cards when I sleeved it up, headed to the tournament early and hoped to get a practice game in before getting underway.

I played a GJ with Tyrell Banner deck to warm up. I didn’t draw any Burn, or Tears and couldn’t get past his duped renown. I lost and didn’t feel too good about the deck. Last minute I dropped Building Orders and put in Counting Coppers, I figured getting 3 cards was better than maybe getting 1. I was concerned with the 2 gold on Counting but figured I would be ok if I played smart. I see a lot of decks running Filthy Accusations, and I think it is a great plot but Fortified Position beat it out in the end. I thought Fortified Position would be better against Kneel (which was everywhere). Several times in the tournament it broke the Stannis kneel lock, or kept those Rhollor cards in hand for me to pluck with Intrigue claim.

This deck is a very solid contender vs Bara Kneel. There is enough stand in it to hold your own until you find the answers to torch Mel/Stannis/Robert. Plaza of Punishment was an all star all day. Only got to use Tears once all day but there is no way I would drop it, if anything I would add another copy. The Unsullied didn’t see much action all day, I had them several times but never felt like marshalling them. Confiscation was the only plot that didn’t do serious work, I cant imagine not having in my plot deck, but if I were to swap it out I am pretty sure I would put in Winds of Winter. I know I said my final cut was filthy accusations, but after playing all day I kept wishing I had a 2 claim plot at my disposal. Most games I had a solid handle on the board position. I think the 2 claim with Drogo would be to much to handle for most decks.

Before the tournament I felt like this was to much of a Voltron Dany build and that if anyone dealt with her I would lose. After the tournament I realized that Dany is without a doubt the most sturdy of all the 7 costers in the game. She is extremely hard to get rid of. Even if your opponent finds a way to kill her Fire and Blood gets her out of the dead pile and back into your deck so she shouldn’t be gone for long. I was also concerned with Draw, but Counting and Littlefinger were more than enough, Dany’s Insight was just icing on the cake. I found myself playing Counting coppers turn 2 most games.

I went 5-0 in the Swiss to finish second. During the swiss I felt like I was in total control of every game, forcing my opponents to always have to play off balance. After all the other top 4 decks were posted I really wished we had enough time to do the cut. I feel like all those other 3 decks would have provided a different type of challenge for this deck. Murder Death Kill would have had the best chance to rid the game of Dany for good. Randyll’s Revenge would have been real tough to Burn. Bend the Knee was what this deck was built to beat, it would have been nice to see if I would have.


keankayzer 1

How was fortified position when you didn’t play against Baratheon decks?

agktmte 1387

The Winds of Winter is the plot I intend to change Filthy Accusations to next time I play my deck. Fortified Position is a solid choice, but the two claim is really good.

scantrell24 3239

Congrats Jimmy! Looks like a solid list.

Jensen22 217

@keankayzer Fortified Position was money in every game. I don’t mind if my text boxes are blanked for one round usually. Dany is still Dany, and the Dragons are still Dragons which lets me use Fire and Blood, as well as Dracarys! to manipulate the board. It’s also a lot easier to play around when you know its coming.

@agktmte I have been thinking about removing 1 Unsullied,1 The Roseroad, and putting in 2 Rattleshirt’s Raiders so that I could ditch Confiscation and put in The Winds of Winter.

@scantrell24 Thanks man, it was a great day. It was awesome having such a great turn out. 31 people is nearly double the best regional we have had in this area. If this is a sign of things to come then the wait for 2.0 has been well worth it…

GameOfPwns 1

@Jensen22 Would you add Power Behind the Throne, Building Orders, or something else if you dropped Confiscation?

Jensen22 217

@GameOfPwns I think The Winds of Winter is the best bet. Confiscation is just so hard to drop. It really doesn’t bother me to have either Daenerys Targaryen or Khal Drogo blanked though. Will have to see how it plays I guess.

agktmte 1387

@Jensen22coming back to this list and your comments, you were looking to include Rattleshirt’s Raiders in addition to Viserys Targaryen in order to cut Confiscation for The Winds of Winter. what about cutting Littlefinger instead?

Jensen22 217

@agktmte At first I thought no way, that extra income and the draw are so nice to have. But after thinking about it for a bit I think you might be onto something. Rattleshirt’s Raiders are more setup friendly than Littlefinger, and they bring the curve down ever so slightly. Dropping Littlefinger straight up for 2 Rattleshirt’s Raiders also means you don’t have to tweak anything else in the deck. My original thought was dropping Unsullied and for them, but that would put me over the 15 neutrals so I would have to drop an econ location. I am going to give that change a whirl and see how it performs. Thanks for the input!