Martell: Days of Future Past (Winner of Stockholm Regionals)

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raekob 224

Someone said that Martell was bad, so Buz Hannon and myself made it our mission to prove that the 1.0 way of winning with Martell, can also be done in 2.0 - welcome to the Days of Future Past. Icon manipulation is back baby.

28 characters? 16 non-setup cards + 6 characters you'd rather not setup? At first glance this looks like a nightmare to play, with so-so setups. The deck takes great skill to play efficiently and every game (easy or not) is a long grind. It doesn't rely on any of the big characters more than potentially Nymeria Sand to slow the game down and control the pace. Ghaston Grey is vital but it's more about the events and attachments than anything else in this deck. The icon attachments are gradual card advantage since they are not terminal. Not many plays give such pleasure as when you play Imprisoned on Ser Gregor Clegane, Attainted on Cersei Lannister or the combo of Attainted + Condemned on Mirri Mass-Murder.

This is by far the most fun I've had with 2.0 yet and I'm happy that Martell is back. In the Future that is the Past.


chriswhite 1

Have you considered Here To Serve? It's a great opener for this kind of deck, as you can get icon removal (Caleotte) right out of the gate, with a great chump-challenger for LoTC. Moreover, it's a nice way to easily overcome a low-population set-up (which this deck may find itself with) with an impactful character, while also ensuring that Maester's Chain will have always have a target.


very nice deck and congrats on your finish! is there a specific order you play the plots in normally? i have tested martell a little bit and still cannot figure out the best way to get the most out of "the long plan". otherwise my only question would be, thoughts on milk of the poppy versus the nightmares you used? they both are strong, nightmares more versatile but milk more permanent. with all the other attachments for your opponent to have to discard, it seems a milk would stick around often?

omgitsblake 178


I can't speak to what he does but i usually open with the long plan, the initiative 3 lets you go second most of the time since people usually noble/summons/pentoshi round 1, and icon control/ghaston usually mitigates the 4 income first turn.

ionic 1

@YEEZUSI think Nightmares is the superior option in this deck as it allows you to get around Winterfell and other problematic locations. Icon removal already allows for sufficient character control.

ionic 1

@raekob Thanks for posting the deck. I'm interested as to why you have chosen to include the Boneway and Superior Claim instead of more characters. My instinct is that more characters would improve the deck, but I'm a noob without any competitive experience and would like to understand your reasoning.

raekob 224

@chriswhiteHere to Serve could be good in this deck, but The Long Plan is needed. The fine line between getting cards out first turn and boosting your second turns economy is very fine. More often than not is the amount of characters you put out first turn not important, but rather how you set up your following turn. Maester's Chain was included the morning before the tournament, I was expecting a lot of Stark with Frozen Solid and Ward. If I would play the deck today I would probably take the chains out for The Hand's Judgment or possibly a few Milk of the Poppy.

@YEEZUS 9 times out of 10 I open with The Long Plan. Like I said above, setting up the following turn is vital. Nightmares is very important for the deck. It's the solution to a lot of situations. Being able to blank a Raiding Longship, Balon Greyjoy, Ser Gregor Clegane or a Ghaston Grey mid challenge could win you games. Also, like @ionicsays it helps you get through Winterfell.

@ionicThe Boneway and Superior Claim is boosts helps the deck to finish. It puts constant pressure on the opponent to rush their game plan. During testing when we had more control cards instead of the rush cards, it would be a guarantee that the games would be long and there was no way to reliably win.

r480 134

"Someone said that Martell was bad" Love the intro ^^ I tried to prove people wrong about this awesome house in Batalla, but I only reached top 32. Grats on your results!

domse 130

@raekob Did you ever run into trouble with First Snow? If yes, did you consider Forgotten Plans for that purpose?

OKTarg 27

@domse we began the deck with the idea to use our own first snow to re-use Traders and Hotah, all while creating space for our challenges. We found that we needed a wider board than that and switched to Wildfire, but since we had built it to survive our own Snow it's not normally a problem. Imprisoned also helps a lot on that turn.

That said, in my own tournament with this deck I completely got blown out by a First Snow/Ilyn Payne Train.

@iconic I have to agree with @Raekob here--in early testing, we found the deck running out of gas around plot 6ish with 11-13 power. We tried Doran's Game, but that card is tough to trigger on demand and had much more success with Superior Claim and Street of Sisters (which once upon a time was a Shadowblack Lane). Boneway is a card that went from 0 to 1 to 2 in the deck.

Fun plays: Ghaston into Heads on Spikes or Viper Eyes, triple icon removers on Tywin, etc. Look for my own forthcoming tourney report with this deck....small spoiler: Jakob is a lot better than me :)

Badeesh 28

Love this. Thanks for sharing.

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Interesting build, you're going for the Icon Removal fun that I am with my deck, but from a different perspective. You use LOTC, you have rush cards in the build, you use Arianne & Areo, you use Long Plan which I never understood the great thing about it, etc.

Have a look at my Icon Sunstroke deck and compare, what would you say about the differences between them?

Dydra 1477

Are you seriously bragging about making Martell work now when they got all the tools they needed? With the sixth chapter pack they got crazy good and are right there on Tier 1 with Lannisters and Greyjoy. Yes, I'm talking exactly about the Icon removal build.

Congratz on the win, but please, the hot water is already found...

OKTarg 27

@dydra the genesis of the deck was two packs ago; I suppose it's not our fault we got Tyene right before the tournament :)

Beknirvana 184

Yipes...yeah, you are not kidding when you said this deck needs a high skill level to play. This is nothing like the deck I was tinkering around with.

Question though, how fast does this deck close out games when it comes time to end the game? I see pieces for the delayed rush, but I am wondering how it actually plays.

Garstig 1

Do you find it tough to pull off LotC with only 28 characters?

sacrelicious2 1

I played this deck 4 times yesterday, and the Wildfire Assault ended up doing more damage to me than my opponent. I would advise swapping it out for something else, like Marched to the Wall.

gundamz 20

Any issues with the lack of Confiscation or Weapons at the Door?