Night's Watch Choke: Liberation of Yunkai Winner

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Khal El 319

Round 1: Super-Bye Having won a qualifier the week before, I got to relax a bit and playtest with Lex who also earned himself a Superbye. I was consistently massacred by Kings of Summer. I knew that I had to dodge him to win the tournament but knowing my luck I was also mentally preparing myself to face him later on.

Round 2: Juancho Saldana w/ Lannister - Wolf Juancho had a horrible setup with just Ilyn Payne on board which I promptly marched to the wall. The choke locked in but his Jamie was racking up power while Tyrion helped him pushed dominance for the most part. I kept the board and his hand in check with Jon Snow. We were at a point where defending wouldn't work but attacking would (since attackers win ties). Plot 4 he successfully defended my 2 claim intrigue challenge (He was hiding a tywin and a put to the sword). Plot 5 he finally marshals a Tywin with Trading with the Pentoshi, I dropped a bunch of stuff on board including Arry. I made an ill-advised block with the unsworn brother instead of Arry and one put to the sword to my Halder later, gives me zero power icons on board. I made another mistake by swinging for intrigue giving him the money necessary to win dominance and the game. This was only my third game with the deck and I knew that I couldn't make those sort of same mistakes if I wanted to take the tournament. 1-1

Round 3: Eli Bitong w/ Greyjoy Fealty Eli had an excellent setup against the choke with Littlefinger, A Roseroad, and a chud. I had a decent setup with a White Tree and a few characters. He opened with Noble Cause and I opened with Wraiths in their Midst making him go first. I hit him with the Tree, Meager Contribution, and the Agenda Choke, he still manages to drop a Euron. I dropped a Varys without using my Kingsroad. At the end of turn, he had only 3 cards in hand and no characters on the board. The choke locked him out from anything meaningful for the next few plots. I even had a milk for the next Euron he eventually marshaled. Eli conceded to the choke after 5 plots. 2-1

Round 4: Kevin Mado w/ Stark Fealty

Kevin started strong out of the gates with Fast Eddard and a chud. He begins to race and even drops a Robb. I milked the Eddard to slow him down. I kept his hand empty and the board small. He kept winning power challenges with Arya. Lighting almost struck twice when he ripped an Arya's gift from a gates trigger to move Eddards milk to Arya bringing him to 14 power to my 1. However, I survived that turn and a marched to the wall sees his Arya and my Yoren go into their respective discard piles. I played the other Yoren I kept in my hand and took his Arya. I kept him from winning any challenges while making sure he has nothing in hand. I finally kill off Robb and had enough "FUNopposed" challenges to take the game. 3-1

Quarter-Finals: Albert Millar w/ Martell - Wolf I knew a lot about the Martell matchup because of my playtesting with Lex. I knew that the lack of fealty economy would matter. I managed to setup a white tree and locked in the choke from the get go with Wraiths. He failed to get any economy until my advantage has snow balled. I kept him from anything big and made sure his hand was always empty. The two claim plots did a lot of work in this game. I didn't know if he had Vengeance but it felt good to not have to think about it given his lack of gold and cards in hand. I eventually built up enough power to win the game at the back of the Iron Throne and a few unopposed challenges. This gave me a boost of confidence in the Martell match-up. I saw Lex was doing well. I had a tinge of fear in me because looking at the brackets we will have the face each other in the finals if we both won the next round and then I saw that my next opponent would be Dan. There's no use in worrying about the Martell match-up if I don't get past him. I set aside my concerns and mentally prepared myself to meet the lions.

Semi-Finals: Dan Cubangay w/ Lannister - Wolf Dan started with Bran, Fast Eddie, and a reducing location. I failed to find a white tree from the Mulligan. The winter choke however was enough to keep his board small and wraiths made him discard down to 3. He drops a Tyrion but I managed to keep his hand empty following a long winter. We were racing once again Eddard was building power that was safe from my 2 claim challenges but I was building a lot of power myself from all the unopposed challenges he had let in. He dropped an Ilyn Payne which wrecked my chud board but that meant he had to march someone of significance to the wall the next plot. He fails to marshal a character soon enough and allowed me to take over.

Finals: Lex Galit w/ Martell Kings of Summer

Finally... The Match that was promised.

Lex wrote my decklist down since I was busy with TO stuff before the tournament and we played a couple of games during our round 1 bye. I can't bank on surprise to help me win the game. He had a poor setup with just Tyene Sandand a Bastard Daughter. I setup White Tree and some chuds. Fatigue got the best of me as I flipped the The Long Winter while announcing Marched to the Wall (I had a Yoren in hand so I wanted to get the Bastards daughter to help with the hand lock). Lex allowed me to flip the March instead and I was able to continue with the original plan. I kept Tyene from winning the intrigue challenge in the first turn and then I milked her in the next. Nymeria Sand joins Tyene shortly after but I managed to drop a full complement of icons all over the place. The choke continued to keep him from dropping anybody of note (I think I managed to discard The Red Viper, Arianne, and Harmen Uller from claim, Waymar Royce, or his Bastard's Daughter). I kept his hand empty to keep him off any tricks. Making sure the only had 3 characters at most. Plot 8 saw me wildfire my board while he played Marched to the wall reducing us both to two characters. I had a healthy hand from Arry and the ravens so I had enough gas to rebuild. Plot 9 he concedes after he realized that he can't oppose intrigue and win power at the same time while I was at 14 power.

I couldn't believe that I beat Lex who ever since he started just a couple of months ago had been on a tear! Playtesting with him really upped my game and the lessons I learned throughout the tournament help me stave off what I believed was the deck's worst match-up.

Notes: Put to the Torch didn't do anything during the entire tournament. It was the first thing I chucked to the Old Forest Hunter or to Reserve. Might change it to nightmares. 3 Halder might be too much, 2 might be the right number but the extra strength from practice blades really helps in a small board situation. The extra reserve from Samwell Tarly and The Iron Throne are really important to the deck given the low reserve of the 2 claim plots as well as the reserve choke from the agenda.


kennish 206

Phenomenal deck for the tournament, Khal! Many would have dismissed NW KoW as a force in the meta, but you proved us all wrong. Well played to the Northern meta, and I'm glad to have been knocked out by Lex, who was just on fire ever since he started playing this game.

You guys deserved the finals.

gemofthrones 7

WOW! NO Craven NO Problem.. and 1x Dolorous Edd.. nuff said..(cant talk. choked.) congrats! khal commander!! So Cold. So Cold.

Badeesh 28

Cool deck. GFGF.

cpt_michail 1

How did you Milked Tyene? she ahs no attachments

Dydra 1483

I got to ask - Did Jon Snow (Core) do anything? Or he still knows nothing!

Khal El 319

hi @cpt_michail, Tyene doesn't have no attachments :D She can be milked and she's usually a prime target for the negative attachment.

@Dydra: Jon Snow actually does a lot for the deck given how small the board can be. The extra strength during challenges helped a lot in pushing the 2 claimers.

Gerion Lannister 241

Very nice thoughts and results. Congratulations. :)

What do you think about Famine? :)

r480 146

Great job! Is Stonesnake worth it?

C3gorach 55

GZ! for the win. I was wondering though, how does the deck handles The First Snow of Winter?

BergerFett 7

I love this. I made a similar deck when the pack it and figured Jon Snow would be strong due to small board size. I found that in NW/Lion choke you can play aggressive and keep tons of pressure. Glad to see Jon Snow have a place and Congrats

No craven? It may replace milk for me.

No nightmares?

What do you think about First Snow followed by Famine? With the NW choke it may be really good to time walk an opponent.

MeatLoafX 22

Thank you for sharing the deck and TR.

Khal El 319

@Gerion Lannister: I found that Famine works well with stuff like first snow of winter but Winds of Winter won me over since the extra choke from Famine was a bit overkill coming in plot 3 or 4 when I want to play it. Might still go with it depending on how the meta shapes up.

@r480: Stonesnake helped close games by borrowing renown but really he's just another stealth character to push Mil against bombs.

@C3gorach: I really didn't have trouble with First Snow normally they would have nothing to play during that turn which is dangerous in a deck that runs a bunch of two claims. Arry helps a lot together with the 4-5 cost Rangers.

@BergerFett: Craven doesn't really fit the plan since they would often have to choose between attacking and defending and you want them to attack. Nightmares might take the place of PTTT. First Snow into Famine is interesting but I'd rather they not have cards in hand at all. I don't think the deck is designed to take advantage of First Snow/Famine given the small curve. I mean FSoW didn't hurt me during the tournament but it also didn't help me a lot. A straight up wildfire was better.

@MeatLoafX: You're welcome.

BergerFett 7

@Khal Elwith the reserve reduction and general choke. could the first snow mean they are discarding a lot of cards, and then famine hits again potentially dumping important stuff? its hard to quanitify for sure

Khal El 319

@BergerFett: The thing is they usually have no cards in hand by plot 2. Unless it's kings of summer, the wraiths in our midst into a 2 claim plot should be enough to rip their hand to shreds. Famine is in consideration though in place of Winds of Winter. I'm just iffy with another 4 reserve plot.

Kryzon 44

Why are u not playing The Wall ? Because Practice Blade is cheap but wouldn't The Wall just be better. Sure, it doesn't give u a but that's most of your characters that have that. If u were to cut 3 Practice Blade's for 2 The Wall's wouldn't that just be better? Btw I agree on Put to the Torch needing to be Nightmares. Just to see the face on players their face when u Nightmares Stannis Baratheon :p

BergerFett 7

practice blades stop greyjoy.... the wall doesn't. at least my meta has enough greyjoy in it that attachments are important.

Khal El 319

@Kryzon: Given that you usually don't have a lot of gold as well, playing the wall might be your entire turn. It is an interesting consideration though. I'm not sure I can cut the practice blades for it though.

imabunneh 361

@Kryzon The Wall isa different deck. Choke wants to push its advantage which means being aggressive, which isn't useful with the Wall.

Dydra 1483

As it was said earlier, KoW = no Wall, NW/ Lanni Banner = Wall.

HidaHayabusa 73

The Wall doesn't make sense in non-Ambush decks. And Ambush centric decks need Tyrion and the Lannister package. I do think that the NW/Lion is a far superior deck to KoW or Fealty, but that's a completely different discussion.

Joelg17 1

@Kryzonjust for the record you can't nightmares Stannis because there is no action window in the standing phase

celric 404

@Kryzon To reliably play the Wall or even the super efficient Castle Black you probably need to trade out some characters for Sworn Brother. That change would help the deck's low power icon count, but that's another card coming to your hand on the First Snow turn.

Bungo_Underhill 1

What does snowed under do for you? Why not a second copy of winter festival?

Khal El 319

@Bungo_Underhill: It's technically an 6 gold plot. I use it when I want to go second and make sure I get their gold from meager or white tree for marshaling Varys and the like.

Bungo_Underhill 1

Without any initiative boosts Snowed under only lets you go first if you are losing on power right? And doesn;t work if your opponent has any initiative boosts. Winter Festival has the same gold as it and potentially a 2 power boost as well.

Kakita_Shiro 778

Winter Festival is better in a Wall defense deck.

Wosho 76

Really nice deck, for the first time since coreset i started playing NW  Couple questions from me: 1.Did You consider rains of autumn? Against arbour, tywin? 2.Nightmares instead of milk? You can nightmare Tywin, Arbour,GJ ships/throne etc.

Wosho 76

3.Is Sam more important then Aemon? So he is 3 and maester is 2?

Khal El 319

Hi @Wosho,

1) The plot deck is really tight right now. Rains of Autumn feels like a very narrow card for the deck. The idea is only to choke him on the first few turns, you don't need to worry about the economy later on when he's top decking.

2) Milk is still the way to go for this deck. Without targeted kill, an important character might stay on the board for a few turns. Milking Tyrion and Tywin helps with the early game choke as well.

3) Yes, Sam is more important than Aemon. The extra reserve is really important in snowballing your advantage. |

It is important to note that the wraiths turn is the most important turn of the deck. Once you strip them of their cards, you play with perfect information and that should allow you to seal the game.

Wosho 76

Thank You :)

manson0815 1

When u Play Wraiths normally? Turn 2?

Wosho 76