Tyrell Lord of the Crossing Top16 Italian National 116player

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giammi2890 172

Swiss 14° (5-2)

  1. vs Greyjoy winter - W
  2. vs Stark fealty - W
  3. vs Targ fealty - W
  4. vs Lanni fealty - W
  5. vs Targ crossing- L
  6. vs Lanni fealty - L
  7. vs Stark fealty - W

Top 32 vs Targ fealty - W

Top 16 vs Targ crossing - L

Special thanks to Jack Zucco for the help he gave me to build this deck.


FedericoFasullo 15

You are the true hero!

audioslavexxx 121

Congrats! You have been the moral winner of the tournament.

Bylazora 1

so much love <3

servetz 30

you're my new hero!

just a few questions:

How useful did you find The Queen of Thorns?

why 2x Put to the Torch and no ptts?

and last, how did you manage to draw without Pleasure Barge, The Mander or Counting Coppers?

really happy that finally someone got a good result with Tyrell-lotc

servetz 30

well just seen the 3x Pleasure Barge, lol

giammi2890 172

Thank you all guys. Now I ask the questions: I used The Queen of Thornsonly in two matches and she was useful because it's a lady character and I could make the combo with Olenna's Informant. I prefer the Put to the Torch to ptts because in this way I have the control of the location.

giammi2890 172

The Queen of Thorns is useful also because it has the .

r480 146



Nice deck and congrats on your top 16! Would you suggest any changes going forward? Also I see 2 of the losses were to Targ - is it just a bad matchup because of the burn?

giammi2890 172

Grazie r480.. For YEEZUS the first answer is : I will change 1 Mare in Hea t for a Milk of the Poppy. Both games against targ boy played Mirri Maz Duur immediately and in combo with dracarys has disadvantaged me a lot.

Lawyer 425

Great tournament! i've seen the match Vs our Khal, and you have had really a bad luck. Enjoy your Sexy Margaery banner :P

fulvio.laneve 7

I'm looking forward to play with you again!

79zach97 1



I built this deck and did some test setups and opening hands. I had two more questions because of it:

  1. Were you able to afford Queen of Thorns often? I feel like there is sometimes low gold and maybe a Pentoshi or Noble Cause could be added

  2. Would you add another Olenna's Informant? With Randyll, Queen's ability, and Horas, you have a lot of ways to get another standing character, so being able to do another challenge may be good

giammi2890 172

yes I've a very bad luck vs Khal :( but my banner cheers me up :P

yes fulvio I want the rematch against you.

I don't use The Queen of Thorns in every match, usually the is the first challenge I do, so it's difficoult that I can win so I can't use the reaction of the queen, for this reason in the deck there is only a Olenna's Informant. I'll don't change for the moment the plots only for the Queen; if I could use her it's ok, otherwise no problem. In the future I think I'll change this card with Renly Baratheon, Brienne of Tarth or another lady card.

Oneiron 1

Ho tifato per te per tutto il torneo: essere arrivato laggiù con un Tyrell è stata una grande vittoria! :)

giammi2890 172

Grazie @Oneiron ;) sicuramente un ottimo risultato e abbastanza inaspettato, ero partito con l'idea che se ne vincevo una o due sarebbe stato un ottimo risultato, quindi grande vittoria arrivare in top 16 :D

HidaHayabusa 73

I would expect a Varys's Riddle or at least a Pulling the Strings. But I do like the plot breakdown.

Two questions: a) Did you miss Rattleshirt Raiders? b) Have you tried this with Arbor?

giammi2890 172

@HidaHayabusasorry if i reply so late. I tried Arobr but it slows down too much the game. I put now in the deck Rattleshirt Raiders instead of Roseroad Patrol.