Night's Watch Fealty (Battle of the Trident Winner)

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Pao 24

Used a slight variation of this deck to take down a local Battle of the Trident. So far even playing it online, it's been very consistent. First 3 plots are predictable but that hasn't seemed to matter that much. This deck often springs up in the early game and makes it hard for the opponent to do anything when the power engine is online. Thoren Smallwood is by far the MVP. Stopping some challenges but also making it hard to push through anything. As well he's a ranger to help draw into Watcher on the Walls condition sooner. The other MVP has been Haunted Forest. 3x from now till the cycling because it single handedly stops 1 unopposed challenge and if you have Castle Black out and a bicon, you can defend all 3 challenges! And with this deck, so far, I've been consistent in setting that up within the first two plots.

Notable stuff is no Milk or Nightmares. I found in NW that those are just win more cards. If you are already doing well enough, you already have The Wall well defended. The last pack made setting up and defending much, much easier (as per above). I would consider including 2 Nightmares for 2 Practice Blades (or whatever seems fitting) to maybe counter any Varys decks (which I think this could be weak to), but my meta has little to no decks that run him. As well I could consider cutting Bridge of Skulls. I'm still testing to see if it's worth being at 62 and having another building orders card. As well notable I run 2 Will. I like him despite his drawback and I find him far less stressful now with Haunted Forest. Plus he's another ranger for the event.

Note: changes I had in the battle was -2 Blades, -2 Halder for +2 Veteran Builder and +2 The Sword in the Darkness


linkingverbs 186

Grats on the win. Curious about the inclusion of Valar Morghulis in the wall defense deck - how'd that go in your games?

Pao 24

@linkingverbs I actually found it to be really useful against most decks at the moment. In a lot of cases, I end up with 2 or even 3 characters saved on my end and I thin their board out enough to keep my plans going.

So far this deck has relied a lot on (what I think is the most underrated card in NW) Thoren Smallwood. Being able to thin their board out so that I can win challenges and gain power in important to me. Thing is, to play this game you have to make challenges. Often times I can win at least 1 of them on defence and gain that extra power. This is because when playing against this, you often have to over commit or under commit. This means that if you over commit too much then I can win the other challenges easily or you do nothing afterwards and I go on offense if I'm second (which can be 50% of the time). If you under commit and I win that challenge and maybe spend a resource or two doing so (Castle Black kneel, faction card kneel for Dolorous) and I still get the power. Either way I feel like I'm winning. Having Valar means I can thin the board and make it easier to push my plans across. I hate winning slowly (to plot 8 or 9) and so far it's worked out being able to win by plot 5 or 6 most games.

ironlix 1

Congrats! Is the 2x Building Orders necessary? What was your experience in the Battle of Trident?

Pao 24

@ironlix Building orders adds a ton of consistency to the deck. It really helps get the minimum set up right away. Minimum for me is 1x Haunted Forest, Castle Black, The Wall and a bicon character. That setup usually allows you to defend all three challenges (and often win at least one). Since all I want is my locations as soon as possible, 2x Building Orders accomplishes that very nicely.

If you read the Joe From Cincinnati articles on the FFG website, he covers this topic quite well! As he says, Building vs Coppers is a matter of personal taste. I like the tutoring effect to get specifically what I want instead of drawing lots of cards. I would be curious to see how it preforms with Counting Copper instead though. I may try that after my next tournament or after some more testing. In either case the point is a lot of consistency with drawing lots of cards and getting lots of options.

ironlix 1

Thanks for the explanation! So true, once you have those 3 locations, Shadow Tower Mason becomes very, very good.

Campeur 1

Hi ! i love strange decks and i found yours. I tested it and it really surprised me, damned it is hell for the opponent :) i was wrong, it is not strange, it is strong. In all my games the Old forest hunter was the MVP ! I did not expect that, i love playing it. The deck is fun, and frightens opponents :)

ironlix 1

I have another question. Did anyone of you run into trouble with The First Snow of Winter? Wondering if i should include Forgotten Plans in the plots.

Pao 24

First snow could be a problem with not that many characters over 3 but I doubt it. Honestly no I haven't yet and doubt I will run into it much over the next little while as people figure out Valar. In which case you just prioritize playing the ranging party, Ben and Thoren over anything else. Once Qhorin Halfhand is out (and I figure out what to cut for him), I can see that being a great counter as well.