An Experiment in Pure Board Control

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Bara Sun Control - Stahleck Runner-Up 101 71 80 1.0
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Animal 54

An experiment in pure board control based very heavily on the Stahleck 2016 Runner up.


SerNakata 7

You removed 1 Knights of the Sun, Robert Baratheon for two Support of the People, changed Trading with the Pentoshi for Valar Morghulis, and The Stone Drum for a The Roseroad.

It's more than "Heavily" based on @nikotinlaus 's deck...

Are you sure Valar Morghulis has its place in this deck?

Along with two Wildfire Assault, I'm afraid you won't be able to keep up with decks rich in saves and duplicates.

Animal 54

@SerNakataat this point it's nearly a carbon copy, but the deck list will change over time as I tweak, test and tinker with it. Hence the "heavily based".

Valar Morghulis was a nice surprise but that was it.

It's not about board wiping the opponent, it's about keeping their board small, making it easier to control. But that's easier said than done in a game.

Still tweaking and tinkering this.

MythoS 79

What are you going to do against Valar decks? "Your" deck cant handle 2 Valar resets, nor is it fast enough to win by plot7.

Animal 54

`@MythoS that's true, so I die. Suggestions are welcome.