2nd Place Cologne Regional 2017 - 29 Players (7th in Swiss)

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Best Baratheon - Batalla 2017 - 6th in swiss (7-1) Top.32 28 21 4 1.0
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Fireburner 53

This Deck took me to the 2nd Place of the regional in Cologne this weekend. Shamlessly copied it mainly from Manfre, who took a very similar Deck to Batalla. Thanks here for the pre-work.

Changed only some cards and worked on the Plot Deck

My Match up were as follows:

  • Win against Targ / Fealty
  • Win against Targ / Fealty
  • Loss against Targ / Crossing (Went 5:0 in swiss , met him again in the Final)
  • Win against Tyrell / Summer
  • Loss against Targ / Fealty

  • Top 8 Win against Targ / Fealty
  • Top 4 Win against Martell / Stag
  • Final Loss agaisnt Targ / Crossing

Thoughts on some cards which performed well / bad



best regards



Sassanid 9

How did storms end perform?

Fireburner 53

It is kind of a win more card. Two Power for dominance (3 with Chamber of the Painted Table) ist quite nice, but if the quaracters start dying you loose a lot of Power, quite fast. In testing I lost like 6 Power to a Valar Morghulis

iTrvis 370

Congrats on getting to the finals! I noticed you faced a shit tonne of targ. I'm currently having the most problem against aggro targ (fealty). Would love to hear some of your thoughts going against the faction.

Fireburner 53

Targ is definetly the worst match up and to be honest my first two games I had pure luck to win those. Only thing working well against is Targ to hope to have kneel earliy and they do not draw their stand tech or get a good Valar to clear the board with 1-2 guys on your side standing.