DC Stark/Watch - U.S. Nationals Winner and Top 4

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Pittsburgh Regional Winner 3 3 3 1.0
UK/DC Stark/Watch (Top 8 Dutch Nats) 12 7 8 1.0
Stark Watch, winner of casual Lisbon Tournament, 3-0, 2017 3 2 0 1.0
Stark: Banner of the Watch 1 0 0 1.0

Aaron B 198


Here is the DC list from U.S. Nationals that Seth Low used to take down the win. It was Corey’s build and tweaked by me (Aaron B), Seth, Marcin, Jordan, Bryn A., Patrick R. and Steve S. Seth (10-1 and Champ) and I (7-1 and Top 4) had a combined record of 17-2 for the tournament. Bryn A. (4-3 and top 16) and Steve S. (3-3) also played the build for the weekend.

Not going to wax philosophical about every last detail, but the big choices are to play a wall deck that can win without the wall, no Valar, and redundant negative attachments that own big characters. In testing we found it has a big plus match up vs any deck relying on 6 and 7 cost characters to win challenges. It is also very strong vs. aggressive decks like Lanni Castamere and Targ Fealty. Qhorin Halfhand usually owns Rattleshirt’s, but any deck with Maester Cressen is probably a minus if they see him. NW builder decks are a coin flip based on who gets the Wall.

Thanks to ETX for a good tournament and a shout out to all of the players from the Seattle area and those who flew in for the event.

Congrats to Seth Low for finally finishing a big tournament and coming back from being down 0-1 in the final. It was great to watch. (Pun intended)

Aaron B's games


Stark Fealty – W

Targ Fealty – W

Tyrell Fealty – W

Bara Fealty - W

Lanni Castamere- W

Stark/NW Mirror – Scoop

Top 16

Top 16 - NW Summer – W

Top 8 - Lanni Castamere- W

Top 4 - Targ/Tyrell - L


Manuel Cabezalí 446

Congratulations on such good results, and thanks for sharing! Pretty solid and interesting deck.

simoni 1

Thanks for calling me out for going 3 and 3.

America 161

thx for beating me twice.

dockellis 840

Well built and even better piloted. Thrones at it's finest.


Nice deck and congrats on your showing at Nationals. Now that the deck is a known thing, would you add a reset to the plot deck, or something like Varys? Or does it not matter that much? With the new set, do you think anything should be changed? Kind of interested in using this for regionals this weekend but not sure if anything should be modified. It looked pretty impressive on camera last weekend.

FredInRealLife 240

@YEEZUS: FWIW, I saw a wall deck (not this one) make the finals at a big tournament recently and it wasn't running any resets either. I'm not personally sold on it, but maybe the number of negative attachments makes it easy to control that? Cat also helps a ton too, I would imagine.

I haven't played this deck at all, so take this with a huge grain of salt, but at first glance I would cut Late Summer Feast for Valar. Just my 2c.

bored2excess 444

Surprise definitely helped with the lack of resets. I played the hardest match-up for us, a good bara fealty, right after Aaron squeaked it out; life was a good bit harder for me when he knew exactly what he was up against (most decks don't throw a dupe of Bob and a bodyguard to reserve first round). But it justifies itself even when it's a known quantity.

Dydra 1471

So this is a fake banner for Marriage Pact? :?

Lannister 335

Remember that with Married pact you have to sacrifice characters of yours using valar

Vipess 102

The reaction actually is a bonus with valar. When valar goes off, you get to sacrifice a character that otherwise would die. It's an interrupt not a reaction.

SnackHappy 1

Is it just me or does this need 4 more Stark cards?

dockellis 840

@SnackHappy it's just you.

SnackHappy 1

@dockellis I noticed afterwards that it is house stark. It through my sensibilities off as it has way more nights watch.

dockellis 840

@SnackHappy :)

Aaron B 198

@AmericaLooks like it's 3x now. :)

@dockellisMany thanks. It was good playing with you guys.

@YEEZUSI would not put in a reset.


America 161

@Aaron Bfml


Thanks again for posting. I went 7-0 to win a small regional last week with it. Deck felt like cheating basically