UK/DC Stark/Watch (Top 8 Dutch Nats)

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DC Stark/Watch - U.S. Nationals Winner and Top 4 38 27 17 2.0
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ChannelDelibird 334

Thanks to Joel Pearson, Joe Zimmer, Rebecca Gillard, Matt Eddleman, Richard Walker, Gabbi Trimmings and James Waumsley (in order of how well they did with the deck or how close they came to playing it at UK Nationals) for their work on refining this together! The deck is obviously based upon the DC Stark/Watch deck that won US Nationals, which we spent a few weeks testing and refining while other builds just didn't quite seem as consistent.

The aim is to completely lock down your opponents' shenanigans so that you can reliably trigger The Wall while also consistently winning (mainly ) challenges thanks to an ever-growing board of beefy characters.

The most notable changes from the US Nationals list are:

  • 3x Frozen Solid, which is absolutely essential in the current meta. Crucial against Baratheon and Targaryen, generally excellent against Flea Bottom decks.
  • 3x Begging Brother, obviously a new release since US Nats and an incredible card. Most crucial against Varys and Viserys Targaryen (Core) but very efficient all round, even if you have to set one up without bestowing it.
  • Fortified Position was a late addition to the plot deck in place of Filthy Accusations - usually achieving the same or better functionality as Filthy but with bigger upside. Allows you to Milk unmilkable people, annoy Greyjoy on their Weapons at the Door turn, and buy a turn without Maester Cressen getting in your way.
  • 3x Nightmares. Never a bad draw.

At UK nats, Joel went 4-2, Joe went 3-3 and Rebecca went 2-4 - it seems like we picked the meta a little better in the Netherlands (where I was) than in the UK, but there's no doubt that the deck is very effective. It has a lot of matchups where it is incredibly difficult to stop.

At Dutch Nationals, I went 4-1 in the Swiss before losing in the top 8.

R1: Win vs Tim Bos, Bara/Fealty // 1-0

Got the lock very quickly with FroSo on the Throne and Milk and Craven on Bob. Cressen never showed up, but counters were waiting for him. Unfortunately for Tim, this wasn't very close. I owe you one, mate!

R2: Win vs Rheece Kennedy, Greyjoy/Winter // 2-0

I didn't see the Wall until plot 9, but against this econ-Torching deck it was more crucial that I was able to Milk Euron and Craven Baby Theon and keep them that way (which I did). Rheece was unable to exert any real pressure on my board, while I was able to win the odd unopposed challenge and dominance. A well-timed mid-game Nightmares on his bestowed Silence's Crew allowed Qhorin to beat them and then kill them before another Crew went to military claim, which permanently sealed my board advantage to then push through for the win.

R3: Loss vs Tom Beskers, NW/Rains // 2-1

The Wall mirror is a bit of a coin-flip for this deck based on who sees the Wall first, and Tom set it up while I couldn't find it for five rounds. In the meantime, I was able to prevent Rains triggers but enough big guys showed up on his side that I wasn't able to punch enough holes in his defences. Tom went on to King the Swiss and his decklist is here.

R4: Win vs Alfons van Impelen, Targ/Fealty // 3-1

Non-rush variants of Targ are generally excellent matchups for this deck, and it was made worse by Alfons getting a really rough mulligan of just locations plus Viserys. FroSo took care of his Plaza of Punishment and Astapor and Begging Brother neutered the dying Vis. Alfons was forced to Valar before any of my big guys had come out, and it just snowballed from there.

R5: Win vs Marnix de Wit, Targ/Fealty // 4-1

This match mostly involved Marnix good-naturedly telling me to fuck off as I rained attachments on all his cool stuff. Highlights included him Crowning his own newly marshalled Viserys before I could collect my money and Milk him, triggering Vis to remove Dany's Craven, then me just Marriage Pacting her.

Top 8: Loss vs Ben Fox, Bara/Fealty

This deeply interactive, crowd-pleasing game mostly involved Ben taking turns playing Saving the Kingdom on Aemon and Edd while I milked Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) and threw everything at preventing him from ever triggering his Here-to-Served Cressen. Meanwhile, I never saw the Wall or enough economy to compete for the all-important dominance triggers. It was a stomping.

After the tournament, I would consider dropping the third Nightmares for an Iron Throne for a little bit of a boost in the Night's Watch and Baratheon matchups, but by and large the list feels optimised.


DaKilla 113

As mentioned previously, hate your deck :) Good thing it was piloted by such a cool guy! and once again: sorry Rebecca for jinxing you by booing you for playing this deck on the same day in UK nationals.

hagarrr 245

Congratulations Jorg, I hope that lovely mat keeps you warm at night and eases your conscience because you're clearly a terrible person.

@DaKillaThe Curse of De Wit!

jeermaster 710

"Thanks to Joel Pearson, Joe Zimmer, Rebecca Gillard, Matt Eddleman, Richard Walker, Gabbi Trimmings and James Waumsley (in order of how well they did with the deck"

`@jcwamma ` burnssssss

celric 294

The power gain of the other Sansa seems more suited to this deck's style. Since most decks play Valar, it seems like WoTN Sansa will often be very low STR. Is her insight really important or is there some other reason she's better?

ChannelDelibird 334

@celric Given that there are only four other Stark characters in the deck, it is in fact extremely uncommon for Sansa's STR to drop below 3 at worst. She's simply a very efficient and cheap bicon who can come straight in and do a job defending the wall without having to spend a turn kneeling. At 1x, this deck prefers that as a generically useful topdeck than it does Core Sansa.

zack 84

Great deck, i've playtested it a bit, and I'm loving it!

Just a few nits/questions:

  • I've added the 3rd The Kingsroad as I really can't stand having only 8 locations, … even in a deck with such large plot-based economy. Yes, I understand it is debatable whether that is preferable over playing a 61-card deck, which I usually don't do.

  • Here to Serve is at risk of being a dead plot, it was less so in the previous version of the deck that used to run a House Maester. But I haven't really found anything to cut to fit it in either…

  • I wonder why Littlefinger is 3x. Is it to be more reset resistant? Because with 3 copies you'll often be tempted to setup him, wasting the draw effect. If it's to be reset resistant maybe one copy could be cut for Craster, given power is already the most popular challenge icon in the deck.

What do you think?

ChannelDelibird 334

@zack The Kingsroad was my final cut to 60 cards, and I understand the hesitance to play 8 limiteds. However, on the day I would say only one game saw me suffer for a lack of limited econ, which is not really very different to what you would expect with 9. Also, three Littlefinger helps to add economic consistency.

Speaking of Littlefinger, he's at 3 just for consistency. He's a character you want to see in every game for that burst draw and money, and if that means setting him up now and then, that's fine. We tested a bit with some Tibwhids to recur him for more triggers but it ended up being a bit too much bother. I could see a version of this deck that only plays 2 Littlefinger, but I wouldn't add Craster. The deck is already resistant to resets by being able to hold back big econ plots and flood out new boards quite quickly, and doesn't need to back that up with a 4-for-5 intrigue monocon.

We used to run a House Maester, but we never in dozens of games once used Here to Serve to put it into play. You're probably playing Here to Serve within the first two rounds, and if you see both Aemons before that happens then whatever. If you're not stable enough by plot 7 to survive without getting a House Maester then you are in much worse trouble anyway.

celric 294

@ChannelDelibird thanks for the explanation. Congrats on the good results and good luck in the future!