Stark Watch, winner of casual Lisbon Tournament, 3-0, 2017

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DC Stark/Watch - U.S. Nationals Winner and Top 4 38 27 17 2.0
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Zephyror 14

Placed first in a casual tournament in Lisbon, Portugal.

Went 3-0 in swiss rounds in a 7-8 local player tournament.

Quick resume of the games :

Stark/Watch vs Lanni/Crossing 15-13

Amazing game, very close, wonderfull experience. 13-13 at the end of the 6th round, Lanni player revealed Wildfire Assault hoping to win with Joffrey Baratheon (Core), but sadly for him Benjen Stark is an interrupt and happens before he dies, giving me 15. He managed to control attachments with crossing mil with rattleskirts, and managed to pull off an amazing Frey Hospitality, but I recovered and managed to defend the wall.

Stark/Watch vs Lanni/Rose 15-7

He was playing a combo deck, the famous one. The deck is very good and the player tried really hard but I setup the wall and iron throne. Managed to Frozen Solid his Tower of the Hand, and the game was over at that.

Stark/Watch vs Targaryen/Fealty 15-11(12?):

Loved to play this game, targaryen put a lot of pressure in challenges and I struggled a bit. Benjen Stark power gain and Qhorin Halfhand renown won me the game, but I admit I got really scared of his Dracarys, but managed to predict when he had it and didnt get greedy defending with only one, to not risk kneeling The Wall. Very nice player, both in intellenge and simpaty

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