CI-15: Winner 8-1 Bristol Regional (59p)

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JoePerson 488

This is the deck I used to win Bristol at the weekend, the largest UK regional tournament (bigger than Dance of Dragons). Play the good cards + play well = win. Play you murdered her children, play three of them, every, single, time. I saw even very good players playing absolutely unplayable trash, and yet no one played you murdered her children against me the entire day. If you can find room for garbage like tears of lys, the eyrie and tywin lannister, surely you can make room for a card that is the best kill spell in the game and on the very short list for best card in the game. Or don't, and I'll keep murdering people with 3x red viper. I suppose the choice is yours.


dnicacios 22

Congrats! What is the idea behind Forgotten Plans? Counter a mirror match?

vexien 658

Would you include frey hospitality in this deck with the new chapter pack?

It wouldnt do anything, but the knowledge that you could trigger it if you wanted to will give you an advantage

hagarrr 571

Can you provide a match by match rundown of all the different ways in which you won your games? ;)

P.S. Congratulations again!

JoePerson 488

The forgotten plans was for targ fealty matchups as the Italians have inspired the inclusion of fortified position which you need to turn off. Obviously this requires a different setup of holding all of the YMHC in hand rather than storing in the bin (and so you'll probably lose anyway)

Sure @hagarrr:

Game 1, NW Rains- loss turn 3 because wall

Game 2, Tyrell Kraken - two 52 str challenges

Game 3, Martell Fealty - two 52 str challenges

Game 4, Martell Kraken - one 104 str challenge

Game 5, Greyjoy Rose - two 52 str challenges

Game 6, Tyrell Rains - two 54 str challenges

Top 8, Lanni Rains - two 52 str challenges

Top 4, Martell Kraken - two 52 str challenges

Final, Bara Kraken - one 104 str challenge

Loras Tyrell 305

"The forgotten plans was for targ fealty matchups as the Italians have inspired the inclusion of fortified position which you need to turn off" this got me turned on ahahaha

Lannister 322

I can't figure out how to play this! There is only one chance to setup 2 characters

AegonTargaryen 7

You really don't want to setup any character. In particular not the Red Viper ;-).

Lannister 322

So I reckon you go configurating the hand that you need in order to make a perfect round with the red viper and YMHC, is that so? In the meantime you just go wiping out the opponent's board?

AegonTargaryen 7

Yes. Use Varys with The Last of the Giants to clear the board, Burning on the Sands to defend against claim (intrigue most of the time as you won't have characters or power) and His Viper Eyes to get rid of key cards. In the meantime, draw cards, play events, setup for the one big round with The Annals of Castle Black. Drop the Viper, Crown, Seal and at least 2 You Murdered Her Children and win in one or two challenges. Defend with Hand's Judgement, Nightmares, High Septon, Rattleskirt's Raiders as necessary.

Lannister 322

wow! gonna try! thanks buddy

redmonkey 25

Can't help but mention it, the parody report is hilarious, read through it three times and rofled, every, single, time. Anyway really congrats for winning with this. Impressive.

blp 1

I have no idea how you won a regional with this. I just got destroyed or screwed on my Annals turn for 3 hours tonight.

JoePerson 488

@blp You need to be fully aware of the ways your opponent can stop you, and that needs to be considered every time you have a choice of filtering your deck (BAMF, Arbor Red, Rose of Gold). You need to be very careful with money and cancels to make sure you can deal with their hate. The only time that isn't true is against a rush deck, because you will just lose. Luckily rush was not a concern at this tournament at all.

JoePerson 488

@blp another point - by the time you reach your combo turn you should have found the high septon. Get him on the table for 2 with a Giants, then he can pull nightmares, kneel etc away from viper.

@Lannister on the day I set up a character once (rattleshirts I think) just to draw 1 extra and didn't seem relevant for the matchup. Otherwise it's just Mulligan aggressively to setup the Tower.


@redmonkeyThis report was pretty much a jab at jm2215's Dance of Dragon's report: While jm's ego is outrageous, this report is equally ridiculous. Love the deck and proof of concept at a major, but smh at the level of maturity in the upper echelons of competitive play for this game.

MiSiO 273

I guess Martel nonsense is back... Second edition supposed to stop it.

Still congratulations on your win!

blp 1

@JoePersonhow much of a priority is wiping the board with Varys?

JoePerson 488

@blp that depends! I had one game against a rushy greyjoy rose where I had to use varys two rounds in a row.

Most games I'll trigger one in plot two or three to clear renown or threats like Arianne and Mel.

Matamagos 107

Hi! First of all congrats for the win, I'm sure it was a hard time playing this deck in so many consecutive rounds, Do you feel we have any options to double Castle Black instead of Counting Coppers? I think it's our only chance to fix the match against Weapons at the Door, Forgotten Plans or Fortified Position. Weapons at the Door it's specially popular nowadays and we don't have almost any chance to win against this plot.

JoePerson 488

@Matamagos hi! I had considered double annals myself as a way to take the deck forward (as there will be a lot more people playing to counter it now) but playing with one coppers is painful. Maybe after Wheels Within Wheels is released? Otherwise you need to try to combo with coppers-long plan-annals-annals and I'm not convinced you'd find the pieces that way. Probably the better solution is to put this deck to rest for a couple of months and break it out again when the hate has gone away

NickName 1

how do you feel about dropping 1 seal & 1 crown for 2 Dawn? With all this draw you are bound to get them. If you drop the Viper on turn 4-5 he will already have some extra strength from Dawn without you needing to discard ..

JoePerson 488

@NickName Dawn would be +3str. The crown is +6, and Seal is usually +52.

Draw for the discard isn't an issue when you can dragons tail and dornishmans out of your discard pile :)

NastyJack 1

So I didn't get the tourney report at first but now that I've seen the original it's fucking hilarious. Kudos.

NickName 1

@JoePerson That is true, but i did not mean to give up either of those. I just meant that with all the draw you would very probably get them all. They aren't mutually exclusive....

michaelius 1

How well does it work against Starks ?

Reader 137

Well done to my meta buddy for a particularly incredible day. It takes a player of class to pull this build off.

Even better, as I played one of your builds to 12th at Bristol (plus a Melee win) and 11th in Cardiff the next day. Great results for me. Beat every single faction, except Martell, who beat me each time I faced them. Very tough playing aggro against such strong control.

boyd.john.m 1

What do you think of switching out Crown of Golden Roses for Silver Hair Net?

From your report, it doesn't look like you ever activated crown of golden roses in your killing blows.

NickName 1

@boyd.john.m well... if you find a way to turn the Viper into a lady...

level42somacruz 2

Seal of the hand seems poor with only two targets. What about cutting it for superior claim?

JoePerson 488

Not sure if the Crown and Seal comments are trolling...

Crown gets viper to 13str. Then you either play 3x YMHC for 104str with no seal, or 2x YMHC plus a seal for two 52str.

Without crown you need 3x YMHC and the seal for two 56str.

dnicacios 22

Are Valar Morghulis and Wildling Scout important to the deck? Were you forced to play Valar Morghulis during your matches?

Lannister 322

Silly question: "Drop the Viper, Crown, Seal and at least 2 You Murdered Her Children and win in one or two challenges." How do you have enough cash for all of this? Always playing the long plan before?

Khal El 314

How do you deal with Big Melisandre? So far that's the only puzzle I can't figure out.