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Feanor 49

So, this is it. Finally some friends from France and I achieved a combo mill deck based on Loot. This is a REALLY fun deck to play, but the last version on it wasn't able to perform (i mean, to really perform) in my last tourney, but still it will gives you some thrill to draw almost all of your 75 cards deck to find your combo and to look to the admiration/incomprehension/anger in you opponent's eyes while playing the most perfect mill combo (at this day) which include at least 6 cards to work.

So, "how this works" will some of you ask. All of the 75 cards here have one purpous : draw, and mill around 30 to 40 cards in 1 TURN. Turn 1 and 2, Wheels Within Wheels to mill your own deck and to prepare the following The Annals of Castle Black. If you have enought events in hand, drop Taena Merryweather to draw a little bit more, keep her safe with The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due in order to always have her for the The Annals of Castle Black's turn. Obsviously, Tower of the Sun is a most-have card in those turns so you can play a buch of events, and feed your Lannisport Treasury(s).

At this point, if you have the perfect hand (seeing some of the pieces of the combo), you can here drop The Long Plan in order to stack golds for the next and hopefuly final turn. If you couldn't draw enough yet, patient and hold one more turn by playing Counting Coppers.

Now, if your opponent haven't win yet, serious things start. You have to drop The Annals of Castle Black (and you want your opponent to be first play 3 Ahead of the Tide to draw 3 and let him be first) into Taena Merryweather, and draw like 20 to 30 (featuring The Dragon's Tail, Secret Schemes etc...) cards in your maschalling phase by playing events from your discard pile which should be quite big at this moment, to see all of your many cards COMBO, which is :

Drop Tanda Stokeworth wich will give both players 3 golds. Then play Orphan of the Greenblood and bestow him for 3. Get Tanda back in your hand, and play her again, and do this 2 times more with the 2 bestow still on your Orphan of the Greenblood. Then, drop a second Orphan of the Greenblood, repeat this, and a third, and repeat again. If you do this correctly, your opponent have now 30 golds. If you can handle it, you can even remove one Orphan of the Greenblood with another one, and continue this as many times as you can. Then, drop Theon Greyjoy (TFoA), and with some Quiet as a Shadow you should go for an unopposed challenge quite easily, which allow you to play Loot and complete this wonderful masterpiece.

You could tell me that 30 cards or not enough to mill from 60 to 0, and it's true. But consider that you can't play your combo before 4 or 5, so at this moment of the game your opponent deck should draw around :

7 cards from main hand, let's say 3 more for refilling his hand after a decent setup, then 2 x 4 (draw/turn) or 2 x 5 cards from draw, then 2 x 3 cards from your 3 The Dragon's Tail, and his own draw, average 5 or 6 cards at turn 4. You can even strike there Varys's Riddle with your own Counting Coppers, but that's fantasy ^^.

So it makes 7+3+8+6+6 = 30, and with your combo mill 30 more, which bring us to 60. Perfect, isn't it ? xD

I would gladly receive your ideas to get this deck more steady, if you have any share it here !


JoePerson 488

Thoughts on the crossroad sellsword? Just that you needed 3 more lanni and this at least contributes towards long plan, or is there something else about this guy that I'm missing?

Feanor 49

Yeah it's mainly because i had 3 empty slots for Lannisters cards, and I figures out that i can drop one of them in The Long Plan for oppose challenge and then to add 2 golds for next turn. Also, it's still a good trash for Taena Merryweather's discard.

JoePerson 488

Wonderful build by the way. This is the sort of nonsense that Alliance exists for!

Feanor 49

Thanks a lot @JoePerson ! I honesltly think that that kind of deck could have better win rate, but maybe it still lacks for some effects ingame to stabilyze it. The new neutral event which will allow to stack golds on bestow cards could be great here ^^

AssortedNeedles 58

Amazing! Really well thought out! I just might try this.

NerferNazgul 227

This is art, and i am sexually attracted.

Feanor 49

@AssortedNeedles, @NerferNazgul Aha ! You should definitly try this, even if the win rate is really low against a decent competitive deck, it's still superfunny :D

Cryptomnesia 7

Can you fit Without His Beard and The Hand's Solar in? Might help with a little more mill, maybe try find room for Confinement too?

Cryptomnesia 7

Can you fit The Hand's Solar and Without His Beard in? Might help with a little more mill

Feanor 49

@Cryptomnesia It's quite hard, Without His Beard would be really usefull, but you can't really win challenges easily...

mikiz3t 2

There is one problem in annals turn. Discard from Taena goes out of game so you can't discard events.

Feanor 49

Believe me, that's not a problem. You can first discard all your locations duplicates, then all the characters duplicates. in a new version of the deck, I put Flea Bottom, so that you can discard chars like Theon Greyjoy in order to bring him back on challenge phase.

Novosignum 7

I didn't think you could play 3 ahead of the tide. as it's an interrupt.