House Greyjoy - Pillage those locations

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Balise 1

This deck is completely made by myself and similarities with already published decks are purely coincidential. This is not meant as a competetive deck. I only play for fun with a friend of mine and I have never followed the tournament scene and the meta and I have never played a tournament. I just enjoy making decks and playing for fun.

With that out of the way:

The deck is intended to have 2 ways of winning. By discarding and pillaging away and winning the occasional intrigue. The pillages hopefully discards something important, which in turn can trigger various cards like Nute the Barber, Silence's Crew, King of Salt and Rock and in an indirect way Euron Crow's Eye. This is achieved by having alot of characters with pillage, and stealthing in intrigue claims which hopefully also triggers The Reader. Also pesky locations without duplicates can be discarded with Newly-Made Lord

Had one game against a friend, where he had 7 cards in the discard pile after first round (achieved by the reader, 3 pillages and 1 intrigue).

If the deck does not discard as quickly as hoped and the game is drawn out wildfire can reset some of the board and then the 2 claim plots will hopefully finish the opponent of with stealth military.

There are of course several ways to beat this deck. But I have a lot of fun playing it. I can imagine intrigue heavy deck with extra ways of discarding from hand will have a field day playing this deck.

Special cards:

Money cards: Iron Islands Market

Card draw: Littlefinger, Ahead of the Tide, Bless Him With Salt, Nute the Barber and The Reader (if he is not used for discarding)

MVP cards (up until now): The Reader, Pyke, Fishing Net and as always Milk of the Poppy


Happyfarmer 2

Trade iron islands market for sea tower, little birds for lordsport shipwright. Consider trading theon for esgred

Balise 1

Thanks for the comment Happyfarmer :-) I think the suggestions about sea tower and lordsport shipwright are on the money and I will implement the changes in my deck. Just a question about the Esgred sugestion. Why instead of Theon and not Asha as Esgred and Asha can not be on the board at the same time?

Happyfarmer 2

That's what I did in my deck actually, I think Asha is a somewhat overrated card. However I also don't think core theon is really that helpful for your deck's objective (landing unopposed challenges) and his power gain is really more of a "win more" bonus on challenges you were already going to win.

I.e. Theon might be a little help in matches you're already winning, but esgred and asha could potentially save your ass when you're losing