Tyrell wolf Ladies deck (6th place on The Siege of Meereen 2

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Supperppp 45

get all ladies, get all dupes, protect them with Lady-in-Waiting Nightmares Milk of the Poppy Frozen Solid and if things are not on your way, you can Valar Morghulis win with massive power gain All Men Are Fools Superior Claim Lady Sansa's Rose


Swiss round

-Lose vs Night watch King of summer really had bad set up and can't pump the power enough to win

-Win on 2nd plot vs Bara Fealty

-Win vs Martell Fealty I had milk for nymeria for first turn and 2 claim intrigue for "The Last of the Giants" in a row

-Win vs Night's Watch Fealty use 3 Nightmares on The Wall and Frozen Solid on Castle Black

-Win vs Lannister Rains of castermere (really close one) The Lannister player open The Red Wedding but it was backfire himself too.

-Win on 3rd plotvs Greyjoy Fealy We had trade for unoppose power but I Frozen Solid Great Kraken got 2nd place in overall score

Top8 Lose to Tyrell rain


kenlau82 212

Indeed a very good deck. Big characters with location and good control. Glade i didnt have to play against this.

Jimmyjenkins 1

Yep, that was me game 3 with both last of the giants pulled for int :-P. Well done, very quick deck!

iaan 17

Love your deck! Do you generally think Tyrell/Wolf is better then Tyrell/Xing? Thx and gratz again!

Supperppp 45

@iaan I love this deck because there are some better point than Xing(rush) -better save from board clear than xing with Lady-in-Waiting . Crossing always have problem with save the power on the board Lady Sansa's Rose -the curve of this deck very consistance. I had 5 and 3 cost a lot, and it fit to the gold on plot deck -A lot of efficent low cost character (maegery,sanza,arya) sometime my opponent don't know which one to kill. -no need to attack 3 times per challenge I always focus on intrigue and power challenge I only initiate military only when I would get on oppose,reknown or the board was small -win 5 or more could be any challenge (All Men Are Fools with Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) and Margaery Tyrell (Core) you ususually had a way to win 5 or more -I always hate to can't draw the keycard to win the game with 8 event massive power gain. I always draw 1 or 2 per game.(sometimes I could play 3 events in 1 challenge) -A lot of people always think I play Tyrell/wolf with bigger character version, so surprise!!! -Future cards that support this deck are coming Sansa's Maid,Horn Hill,Desmera Redwyne,The Queen of Thorns (HoT).

Thanks for comment everyone