The Snows of Castamere

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SenescentOcelot 65

I noticed a shift to decks that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Board Control / Jumpman decks
  • Aggresive Location / Fleabottom decks
  • Rains decks

I wanted to attempt a full control deck without being dependent on managing my hand thru extension of mechanisms. While there are ways to be hyper aggressive (Sansa Stark (Core) + Arya Stark (Core) + Septa Mordane) with "Wolf in the Night", the objective is to play conservatively and break-up your opponents strategy.

Frozen Solidx3 is a staple for anti-location decks. Milk of the Poppy and Nightmares helps get through powerfull character/location combinations and Tears of Lys helps you exploit challenges. The sub-theme of Maester Luwin + Bran Stark (Core) + Hodorgives an alternate character path, and dupes are available to provide a full defensive setup of Maester Luwin + Septa Mordane + Arya Stark (Core) + Bran Stark (Core).

Another element supported by renown is House Tully Septon which opens the door for cheap Begging Brother and Catelyn Stark (Core). And as always Winterfell can lock down an entire challenge opening the door for a "The Rains of Castamere" plot. Just avoid doing this when playing Winter Festival!

With all the denial tools, and enough utility, its possible to keep pace with even the fastest of character decks.

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