Mace-kea: Aldershot SC Winner (7-0, 22 players)

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Morgan 28

Firstly, thanks to Martin Lewis for organising another great Aldershot event and my opponents for making it a fun day.

The aim of the deck is to use Baratheon cards to stall the opponent until it is safe to put Mace into play and win with Mace triggers.

At set-up you are looking for strong locations, ideally either The Arbor or The Hightower. Set up Baratheon characters rather than Tyrell characters if you have the choice so that you have Tyrell characters in hand for triggering The Hightower in marshalling phase.

The first three plots are Counting Coppers, Time of Plenty and Late Summer Feast. The order to play these depends on what you set up and what you have in hand. If you set up strong econ and don't have The Hightower in hand, go for Counting Coppers or Time of Plenty. If you've got the draw location then Late Summer Feast or Time of Plenty depending on how many characters you want to play out.

Don't rush to play Mace Tyrell, use efficient defensive characters to bait out your opponent's bombs onto the board. Left and Right, Margaery Tyrell (Core) and Septa Nysterica make it hard for for opponents to win challenges unless they commit big characters.

Once you have got strong economy on the board and Mace in hand, flip Valar Dohaeris to shrink your opponent's board. Play out Mace (and hopefully a dupe to protect against Valar Morghulis) then close out the game with Mace and Chamber of the Painted Table triggers.

If I was to make any changes, I'd consider dropping 1 copy of Maester Cressen for a Fiery Followers since there is not much Milk of the Poppy around (and there were no Stark at the Aldershot event). He was discarded to Informer filter way more often than he was put into play.


Von Wibble 173

Well done again on your result, a great meta call against my Targ burn for sure!

mattastrophic 727

Well done! No Melisandre? How do you handle an aggressive military opponent?

Morgan 28

@mattastrophic Normal military pressure is not a problem and can be handled by Left, Right, Marge, Septa. If you need claim, Flea Bottom and Davos provide repeatable claim and Shireen can be a nice deterrent.

Extreme military decks (e.g. Clansmen) are more problematic, but once good econ and draw are in place you can throw down enough characters a turn to keep up with the claim.


Even though it was my only loss of the day, this was one of my favourite games... Really dumb deck we were both playing. If only I could pillage a little more!

HelioIt 1

If you want to use a good deck Tyrell, look at this game that I have spent a tournament in Spain, it is a deck of Brienne to win in a single turn!

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