"How netdecking made me KoS (by SoS) at Stahleck 2018"

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The Skagokey-cokey (King of Swiss, 8-1 Worlds) 45 26 15 1.0
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mqsi 74

If you're asking yourself „Isn't this just Wamma's Worlds list?“, then you're absolutely right. So for a great description of the deck, please refer to Wamma's writeup: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/11987/the-skagokey-cokey-king-of-swiss-8-1-worlds-1.0

For a short discussion on what I changed and a short tournament report, please read on.

I only changed two cards: After some discussions with Lennart, I removed Exchange of Information for You Win Or You Die. The reason is pretty simple, You Win or you Die is an insanely good plot, especially if you are already running board control with Ward, Marched to the Wall and Ramsay Snow(Skagos). Further it makes a great turn 6 plot and with Close Call and A Time For Wolves you are even able to play it earlier if needed. I also did not like Exchange of information to much in this deck, because I felt that you have to have a really solid hand / setup if you want to play it as opener and later in the game you often get useless cards (which of course can be dumped with Umber Loyalist). Further I included Ser Jason Mallister, which is a solid body and could be useful against the new shadows agenda Assault from the Shadows. In fact I only saw him three times and played him once I think. Unfortunately, in my only game against Assault from the Shadows I had too little economy to actually play him. I removed Sansa Stark (Core) for him because I felt her coming into play knelt was to much of an disadvantage with Flea Bottom and Skagos.

My tournament report, or as much relevant details I think I remember:

Martell - Wolf, Viktor N. - Win

Having played a lot against Martell-Wolf lately when Lennart prepared for Worlds, I guess I was somehow prepared for this matchup. Especially since there was a chance that Viktor was playing Lennart's list. Nevertheless, I do not like this matchup. Actually he was not running Lennart's list and some cards hit me unprepared. I happend to have Flea Bottom and Skagos early and without Viktor finding a Frozen Solid, this kept my board alive all game long. At the end i was able rush to the win in Plot 6 with double Eddard and claim 2.

Greyjoy - Rose, John B. - Win

Among my games this year, this was the biggest turnaround. John had King Balon out turn 1 and he started to pile up power quickly on both, his housecard and Balon. After some plots, power was 14-2 against me after his You Win or You Die turn. Luckily, I could reduce his board to King Balon and 7-cost Asha, heading into my onw You win or you die. Since he did not draw any characters or saves, I was able to kill King Balon with 7 Power on him. From there could take over the game.

The free Folk, Sofacama – Win

I acutally never played Free Folk before with this deck, but having never won a single game against Free Folk with any other deck, I was worried about this game. I had a good start with a few chuds out, economy, skagos, cat and arya. So i managed to build a board round one of which I thought should leave me with 3 characters. Nightmares on Skagos and Last of the Giants Mag the Mighty reduced that to 1. One or two turns later it was crucial to Ward a Begging Brother with one gold so that I could cancel Varamyr Sixskins and further build for a solid board (Varamyr really was a pain in the a**). After that I managed to get a hold on the game with good Ramsay triggers and Marched. After this I could take control on the game and win.

Martell - WtC, Simon H. - Win

This was one of the most unexpected decks I played all weekend, not for the fact that I expected to see little to no Martell The Wars To Come after the restriction of WtC and Flea Bottom, but for the cards it ran. Simon posted his deck, so do not need to tell to much about it: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/12044/a-cold-wind-from-the-south-stahleck-roadtrip-build-1.0 I got several good boards for Ramsay and Marched and was able to win.

Martell - WtC, Alex T. - Win

Another Martell WtC. I do not remember to much details about this game. I think I was behind some turns but then managed to control the board with claim, Ramsay and Marched.

Lannister - Dragon, Maximilian S. - Win

Another interesting deck from my perspective. He set up Tyrion as his only character so I opened with Marched which he answered with Varys Riddle which removed my Catlyn in addition to my Bran. Unfortunately for him he did not draw enough cheap characters and so I was able to clear the board again turn 1 with stealth. Since he did not draw enough cheap characters all game I was able to remove a lot of his big guys and bring it home. But I am definitely looking forward to see this deck posted.

Greyjoy - Dragon, Diego G. - Win

I cleared his board with double Ramsay turn one, followed by Marched. A single Drowned God Fanatic early on could have changed this game a lot. He saw one or two but it was too late.

Targaryen - HRD Mereen, Reim – Win

This game was on stream and I think it was my worst performance all day. Only Reim also making a few smaller mistakes could win me the game. I forgot like a ton of triggers on Wyman and Catelyn Stark (WotN)...

Top 64 - BYE - Win

Top 32 - Targaryen - Assault, Tom M. - Loss

This game was also on stream. Before the match I did not feel to confident because I only made like one or two games against this new agenda before and I did not know what to expect from this deck. I forgot a few triggers for renown (the guys got killed later anyways), gambled on him not having the third Dracarys and maybe played Valar Morghulis to early. After all Drogon turn 1 with not means to stop him was a real problem and it really hurt to see only one limited in the first 7 plots (plus one armory). Drawing 5 limiteds in plot 8 was the last nail to my coffin.

So once again the King of Swiss Curse struck. Sam who also was 8-0 after swiss (I only beat him by SoS) also lost his Top 32 match. Nevertheless it was a great experience to getting such a good result in swiss and having a lot of great games.

Thank you very much again to

  • Wamma for posting a great list,
  • my friends travelling with me to Stahleck,
  • the Stahleck Orgateam,
  • and everybody congratulating me on my swiss result.

See you next year!


nikotinlaus 599

I told you to avoid King of Swiss... the curse is real!! Jokes aside, great performance.

mqsi 74

@nikotinlaus should have really listened, you have been on both sides of the curse :D

theredviperxxx 19

What do you think about the new restricted list?

H2Masri 1

Do you think this deck still works with GJ SOB everywhere? I’m thinking to tinker with it removing Ward and adding Winterfell (does Winterfell prevent SOB from being used?). How about the new RL? I’d love the insight!