Golden Boys (Best Lannisters; 2x Stahleck Top32)

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YuleOoze 132

Just another manic Stahleck report... :D

You might forgive me, since it's been my very first time being part of that fairy tale in Western Germany. Thanks to Wolfgang and his team for organzing such an amazing event. It has been a pleasure indeed!

The Deck:

First of all massive kudos @RedSquadronK for sharing this beauty During preparation for Stahleck I was durdling around with the Horny Knights, Lanni/Rains, Stark/Xing and GJ/Wars for quite some time but finally came to the conclusion that the aforementioned simply play too fair. Two weeks before the event my friend Max brought an updated version of the worlds list featuring the obviously insane Gifts for the Widow to one of our testing sessions. After a few games and a night of sleep I was totally convinced of the potential of the deck. I started playtesting on theironthrone immediately and only lost three out of my 40+ matches. The matchup against Targ almost felt like an autowin (same as FF), Stark was about 60:40 if they weren't able to setup one of their infamous Marched-into-Ramses-into-Ramses-Turns. The only decks I didn't feel to confident about were the variety of Assault from the Shadows shenanigans which I luckily didn't encounter throughout the tournament.

Characters: Really nothing to say here... :P See original list!

Locations: Also pretty much straight forward here. Except one FB became Qarth due to the fact that I took out Confiscation to have more outs against random Milks and A Pinch of Powder. Tough choice but definitely reasonable.

Events: Despite the fact that I have truly been the biggest fan of I Never Bet Against My Family ever since, it was excluded pretty soon because 1) the room for Gifts was desperately needed 2) the card is rather useless without Valar Dohaeris in a deck with only 20 unique lions. "Off To Gulltown" 1) see above 2) often seemed like a win-more-card.

Attachments: Due to the presence of Gifts for the Widow it was possible to include an overly effective toolbox. Earlier stages also included Little Bird. During testing my friend and teammate Max Stolz brought up the discussion why we don't play a King on our own as the original list felt quite vulnerable to The King in the North. This turned out to be one of the most crucial tweaks we made for the tournament. Not only does it provide you with a king but also constantly gains one power every single round most of the time. Widow's Wail also fits perfectly in a meta full of Targ madness.

Plots: Finally, one of the biggest advantages of playing an allegedly well-known list is obviously the element of surprise. :D Confiscation has actually never really been missed while playtesting, so we quickly chose to bring in our own King to improve the odds against Martell and Nightswatch (which are not the worst matchups anyway, thanks to Ser Ilyn Payne) and use the above-mentioned aspect in our favour. The second plot we added, turned out to be even more potent (and unexpected) than the first one. Varys's Riddle is the perfect weapon of choice in a meta poisoned with Summer Harvest as an alternative opener when everyone assumes you will open with Trading with the Pentoshi anyway. :D In Stahleck it single-handedly won games throughout the day for both of us (Max and me)! Even more annoying that I lost my T32 match because of not opening with it for the first time... (I still don't know why... It was late!) :D

The Tournament:

Three of us played the exact same list with a record of 7-3, 7-3 and 5-3 (Jakob) with Max claiming the title of 'Best Lannister' and myself as runner-up. This time I won't bore you with detailed descriptions of the matches. :P The only honorable mention is the game against 10 years old future champion Matej P. from Czech Republic who really put me in trouble and would have beaten me on board but then decided to spare my life for the time being. You will get your revenge! If you're interested in the Matchups: And yes, you have to scroll down far, to find the first Lannisters. :D

Finally, thanks to my friends/opponents to make my first Stahleck such a blast! Congrats to a well-deserved Champion @kweeny! See you soon!


Puppenkoenig 25

Well done Niki, I agree with your writing, but about the name we have to talk!!!

Prevail 1

Very cool decklist!

You don't feel the need to play Close Call with all your big boys though? I get that you can discard them for Queensguard and Gold Mine but you might draw only dead characters at some point. Did you ever miss that plot?

YuleOoze 132

@PrevailNope, not at all. We thought about using it instead of Time of Plenty for once but dismissed it quickly as Varys's Riddle and even Time of Plenty were way better in testing.


Nice writeup m8! Glad I played the same list (except for Riddle which I swapped for Time of Plenty). @PrevailI would have liked Close Call once. In all other games I did not miss it at all.

SpiriT 166

Any reason you didn't play Hizdahr zo Loraq? Also the curve seems quite hight, what was your usual setup like?

YuleOoze 132

@SpiriTI tested him for a few games and his impact was simply underwhelming. Moreover, he's not a unique Lannister which makes Treachery (obviously one of the MVPs) much worse. :P You rarely setup a 7-coster unless you can support it with a chud for protection. But that's not a problem at all as the econ of the deck is quite strong. Of course you can still have the perfect start with The Roseroad, duped Tywin Lannister (Core) and Lannisport Merchant. :D

SpiriT 166

I meant that you pretty much don't have small dudes you'd like to setup. Does that mean that usually you leave a 6-coster alone with some attachment and a great hall for example?

YuleOoze 132

@SpiriTLike I said, if you have no 'protection' for your big guy, you will always try to avoid setting them up, unless you wanna bait your enemy into wasting his Marched to the Wall early. With the help of your shadow cards, Gold Mine etc. you can easily create a variety of good boards without a 6/7-coster in setup.

Martozar 222

@YuleOozeIt's quite interesting, that if Matej didn't spare your life by not doing his power challenge he would win anyway (I'm still not sure why he doubted it :D), you wouldn't play against another Czech guy Gerion and it'd be possibly another result for him :D

But congratulations! I'm glad to see Lions in TOP, even though they need support from East :)

YuleOoze 132

`@Martozar Thanks man! Like I mentioned above, I was very lucky in that situation!