[Melee] Tibwhid Typhoon

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ChannelDelibird 688

The most recent version of my favourite melee deck, with notable changes due to the expansion of the restricted list. Taena remains the build-around card so Crossing and Annals made way for Wars and some more flexible plotting (with Rebuilding now doing surprisingly well as a pseudo-replacement for Annals). The gameplan remains simple: mulligan for Taena or Harrenhal, open Coppers (or Plenty if you need to marshal Harrenhal), then jump characters in and out and continue to draw most of your deck.

Published for no particular reason other than someone on Reddit was asking about fun, casual melee decks, and this is about as fun as they come.


Ryan Jones 173

Dope deck name ;) -Ryan

nufciv 1

Any updates for new Melee?

ChannelDelibird 688

@Ryan Jones - doper card. Thank you for it!

@nufciv - unfortunately I haven't had much opportunity to play with this deck since I last published it, and the latest changes to the RL haven't affected it. My advice would be to play it as is and see how it feels - it's possible that a few cards might be better changed, but this current iteration of the list is mostly unproven. Let me know if you try it!

Alduc 20

I'm the reddit user who asked about melee decks in the first place. We had a very fun evening last january using them, and I decided to keep them built. We'll be playing them again tomorrow night!