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ChannelDelibird 286

Built this for a small Melee GNK in Aldershot, UK on August 20th. After testing it out in a casual game (and winning) the night before, James Harrison asked for the list and proceeded to make a couple of changes overnight before beating me at the final table. Only 10 players, but seeing as melee lists are few and far between on ThronesDB (and because I'm sick of playing against Will Lentz's excellent Greyjoy/Rose!), it seemed worth publishing. This version of the list includes changes that James and I talked about after the tournament.

This deck is HELLA fun to pilot. It draws really, really rapidly in order to see all of the jumper events - and the incredible Tibwhid means that even opening Counting Coppers, which it usually does, will not leave you behind economically. There are plenty of decision points to be made in terms of what to jump in, what to jump back and when, and you'll almost never feel short of options. In one game, I found myself holding 16 cards in hand on round 2, with over half of my deck seen. This is such a godsend compared to the usual amount of draw in melee.

The MVPs of this deck:

Tibwhid: An absolutely comical level of value in melee. You want to see one every round (this is why we added Annals after the tournament). Helps you protect big characters from Duel, Valar and Varys, works wonders with Harrenhal, lets you play jumper events when people don't think you can afford them.

A Task For Every Tool: The jury's out on whether this is worth a slot in joust, but it's a sensational melee card. Being able to get Janos Slynt for practically nothing and then Tibwhid him back out to get Hound money is enormous. Shae gets you 2 challenges for 2 gold. 1-cost insight is great.

Taena Merryweather: Triggers CONSTANTLY, allowing you to find all of the pieces that you need very quickly. Evens up the card advantage of The Dragon's Tail, fetches characters to jump in or events to facilitate the jumping. If you use her to draw a dupe of herself, you can Task in the duplicate to save her from any nastiness. She is worth it.

The gameplan:

The deck usually sets up very well, so you can afford to be a bit more aggressive on the mulligan. You really want to see Taena and/or Harrenhal on setup if possible, but three or four half-decent cards are also fine if you have a comet or two alongside them.

You will almost always open Coppers in order to flood your hand with events and get the jumping engine going. Exceptions to this are primarily made if you have Harrenhal in hand after the redraw (in which case start with Time of Plenty). There's every chance that you play Tibwhid on that Jaime you set up and have eight gold on the Coppers turn anyway, so don't think of it as an econ hit. You should still be very comfortably able to make three challenges on round 1.

On round 2, unless things have gone improbably well and you're in a position to close immediately with Heads on Spikes or quickly with A Clash of Kings, your next plot is Time of Plenty for more draw. The extra draw is arguably more likely to let you win than an attention-grabbing plot.

After that, play it by ear. If you've used up lots of events, Annals helps to ensure that you can do everything you want to do to close out, but you have plenty of options depending on gamestate: Spikes, Clash and Riddle can all force through a win. Fallen from Favor is one that I haven't tested yet but that James used in his plot lineup on Sunday. If you sense that you really want to avoid going first in round 1 or 2 and you have a good enough hand that you don't need to slam the draw, then you're highly likely to have an expendable character on the board in return for great gold and initiative.


ChannelDelibird 286

Oh, forgot to mention, if the minimum deck size were 59 cards, I'd cut the third Tywin.

chriswhite 1

You can always get Lannisport Guard without letting people draw...

ChannelDelibird 286

Good point. But seeing people's eyes briefly light up in the challenges phase before saying 'after you marshal...' is at least marginally more satisfying.

Timmy 14

Very interesting deck have a couple of questions though :

  • ever considered tower of the hand to save this jaime of yours you jumped and bounce a wisely selected opponent character ?
  • how about never bet agains my family ?

thanks for sharing

ChannelDelibird 286


Tower isn't necessary - in melee, I'm not really looking to hit a specific opponent's board and unbalance it in others' favour, and I don't really need another way to save the harrenhaled character. If I used a big dude with harrenhal, it's because I have a Tibwhid in hand to get them back. If I don't have it, I'm probably Harrenhaling in a more expendable character. The deck used to run Ghosts of Harrenhal but I just found myself not caring that much and never flipped it. Melee games are short. Characters die. It's not a big deal.

I'd play Never Bet if it weren't a faction-card kneel, but I need that faction card for Tibwhid and I draw enough cards that I'm not short on ways to jump in characters. I haven't missed it at all.

Timmy 14

thanks for your answer tower of the hand is probably to expensive indeed but :

  • you probably won't win initiative much so tower can help you to threaten / deal with players that don't want their board to be weakend especially if you're the first player
  • a small board control like tower can help the table to be a bit more balanced at some point. Of cours you have to read carefully the board state which is often difficult in order not to make any mistake that would benefit to another opponent.

Last question : have you ever been canceled your Tibwhid (Hand's judgment, Bran ?) and if so, was this a real difficulty for your jumping engine to work ?

ChannelDelibird 286

I can see the argument on Tower, I guess, but I don't think I'd go out of my way to play it. Test it over the Casterly Rock, maybe?

I've not yet had a Tibwhid cancelled. Hand's Judgment seems to be unpopular in the UK meta. Bran might be more annoying but at least you still get the character back. Would like to play against Stark at some point but imagine you would have to be careful to retain extra money in that scenario. (Bonus; if they cancel Tibwhid you are then free to Roar the character back out!)