Hand Control - The Sparrow’s Decree!

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P_Gedi 85

Hi - so this is the deck that I had been working for a while mainly trying to build a hand destruction deck. The idea of The High Sparrowand Without His Beard seemed pretty good as the loss of cards + no / little draw up seemed to work.

My initial plan was to play it out of Lanni with Cersei Lannister (Core) to hit even harder on intrigue, but after speaking to my meta mate Dan, he suggested Martell due to Dorne getting around the “draw” using “add to hand” instead.

In general the deck kinda built itself....eventually. I originally had Nymeria Sand (SoD) in the deck for obvious synergies, but then later switched to 1 of each, finally settling on 2 Nymeria Sand (TRtW) due to sea of blood. Likewise a cheeky Brothel Madame slotted in nicely.

Other cards that gel with the theme of hand destruction are - Bastard Daughter, Gunthor Son of Gurn, House Yronwood Knight, His Viper Eyes.

Econ Taking into account the plan was to have sparrow out ASAP, reducing my gold modifiers seemed a good idea. In addition, I recalled another deck - my meta mate Adams Martell Faith deck that utilised The Iron Bank to great effect so in that went.

Flea Bottom seemed the right call for restricted card with hound, and areo.

After initial testing with the old build, I was stalling just fine, but wasn’t gaining power effectively enough - in went a cheeky Doran's Game and Myrcella Baratheon (SoD).

General strategy - if you have sparrow on setup great, but beware an early reset. Even better is to have Arianne Martell (Core) on setup, open Trading with the Pentoshi (usually you’ll be able to go first) and then play sparrow....and if you don’t get to go first, you can bounce him in, in the draw phase.

Outside of Sea of blood, the mil challenges aren’t a massive problem with Bastard Daughters etc. usually protect intrigue and power - without his beard can work on defence.

Go for intrigue as much as possible especially if you have beard in hand. Openingy Time of Plenty is a good way to have the 3 card limit (sparrow) already used up.

Possible changes to the deck -

Summons is sort of the flex plot and could be swapped for -

Building Orders - finding Dorne is pretty helpful. Duel - with no one above 5 cost and a meta full of bigs, it could do work.

Seized by the Guard - flea bottom on the other side of the board hurts a lot so stopping it would be great, just need slots.

Finding room for a 3rd iron bank and/or 2nd Gates of the Moon would be helpful.

Anyhoo, have rambled on too long now. I played a few games in a Northampton League with it and 2 of the games are on the White Walkers channels -

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oAVZSvpgCB8 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zAMB85WGXS8

Next plan with the sparrow....maybe with Nights Watch and White Tree and A Meager Contribution as that moves gold, but means I lose Dorne and Greenblood Trader to get around it myself...we’ll see.



P_Gedi 85

The new restricted list had been leaked with Dorne being added. As a result, I would drop Flea Bottom and top up events / locations I think.

hagarrr 570

I like this! The Night's Watch idea is intriguing, especially with Trade Routes now on the RL.... Do they have any 'add to hand' effects that High Sparrow can circumvent...?

P_Gedi 85

@hagarrr - No but I’d try to play double Exchange of Information to begin with. I’d also play Eastwatch-by-the-Sea to try and keep the single draw ticking over.

SergSel 31

Nice idea, I guess in NW zou can go with Fresh Recruits and The Watch Has Need - both add cards to hand

P_Gedi 85

@SergSel - Yeh am currently trying to build it, but find that I have so few of the actual traits that The Watch Has Need becomes too diluted and fresh recruits is very expensive....am keeping working on it. Am looking things like Small Paul as well now.

SnakeEyes 15

Thanks for posting this. I saw it on the WW channel and was very intrigued