Martell/Assault from the Shadows, 7th place at Prague Store

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Floydos 29

Hi all! I decided to publish this deck because with this deck I reached the TOP 8 first time in my AGoT career.

This was my first deck after quite long "pause" from the game because I lost "drive" and the current meta of that time was quite boring for me (today it´s not any better).

1st game vs. Baratheon/Fealty - Win

It was an interesting game. I had a really nice setup (Varys (DitD) and Ser Gerris Drinkwater into Shadows and two Summer Sea Port. First 2 plots I was defending and slowing down my opponent. Thanks Valar Morghulis I wiped his board (including Stannis Baratheon (Core) and Stannis's Cavalry ). At the 5th plot, the game ended.

2nd game vs. Greyjoy/Banner of the Sun - Lose

This game was a nightmare for me. Opponent played Drowned Gods + Martell control, so it was difficult to do anything. I made a mistake when I played The First Snow of Winter too soon. And since then it was just waiting for the lose.

3rd game vs. Free Folk - Win

I was quite afraid of this pairing. Free Folk can be really aggressive and too fast for my Martells. Luckily I had a nice setup and a really cool draw. On the other hand, the opponent had quite a bad draw. I successfully slowed him down at first three plots and then I just destroyed his hand, slowly but surely killed his board and at the fifth plot, after the draw phase, he conceded.

4th game vs. Baratheon/Kings of Summer - Win

In this game I had a setup that should give the opponent the right to beat me. Two Shadow City Bastard, Summer Sea Port, The Roseroad, Ser Gerris Drinkwater into Shadows. After draw I had third Bastard, Flea Bottom, Starfall and The Hand's Judgment. Opponent played quite typical kneeling mechanics for the Baratheon, but when is almost all in the Shadows, Melisandre (Core) cannot kneel anyone. At the third plot, I marshaled Ser Archibald Yronwood, Jade Sea Dromond destroyed his The Red Keep. To be honest, I had really nice pulls for an claim. I even killed Mel, so at 6th plot opponent conceded.

5th game vs Stark/Alliance/Banner of the Lion and Rose - Win

In this game, I faced almost all knights from the Westeros. I knew that they can be FAST, so I had to slow down them a bit. Luckily for me, the opponent didn't have any eco-location. I controlled all big boys like Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) and Ser Gregor Clegane. Killed small knights. and after the draw phase at plot 5, the opponent conceded.

So, 4-1. Me? I was quite surprised. And after a while, I realized that I ended at 7th place.

Quarterfinals vs. Greyjoy/Sea of Blood - Lose.

And here it came. GJ/SoB which I hate :). The game was fast, I was just the "viewer", Fanatics canceled my attempts to control, kill or jump. So at the 4th plot, when opponent needed just 3 power tokens to win, I conceded.

Still 7th place. I was super-happy. Sadly, shortly after this tourney, RL hit this deck hard. Yes, I found a way to play around RL, but that is "TOP SECRET" :D

Thanks for your attention and have a great day!


Reader 137

Congrats Floydos

Floydos 29

@Reader: Thanks ;-)

Xihin 1

@Floydos I really like this deck. Did you make changes after the Restricted list update?

Floydos 29

@Xihin Hello, Im sorry that I replying that late after your questions. Now, after 2 Restricted Lists, I changed this deck more for the icon control - Shadow version of Arianne, Poisoned Dagger for suprise kills and Maiden of Poisons. Backbone of the deck is basicly the same - instead the Desert Raiders are Bastard Daughtrers and instead Flea Bottom is Dorne.