Norse Burn

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Phantasmal Rin 1

Targaryen Burn Deck Also has a ton of chalanges to help keep opponents board clear. does this with Khal Drogo and Drogon (IDP) and if you get lucky Mirri Maz Duur. if you can get Drogo's Arakh+Bloody Arakhuse is conjunction with A Storm of Swordsyou get 4 chalanges. and anouther 4if you play In Daznak's Pit anyway lot of connection and ways events and cards can be used, if you take time to look at what’s here I sure you can figuere them all out.

utilized In Daznak's Pit to clear opponents board and get (hopefully)unopposed chalanges since you just finished killing everything he had.

Deck got inspiration from a local targ player

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Phantasmal Rin 1

Will be updating to the new restricted list. ( SoB and Flea Bottom are both restricted now)