Norse Burn

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Phantasmal Rin 1

Targaryen Burn Deck Also has a ton of challenges to help keep opponents board clear. Updated to meet the new Restricted list (2019-06-03)

General Use

list text hereKhal Drogo + Bloody Arakh + A Storm of Swords Gives you a total of 3 Challenges Then Use In Daznak's Pit to redo the challenge phase after you have likely decreased the numbers of his characters

Extra (not a win condition)

Drogo's Arakh Can also help by giving Khal an extra strength bost and use him for two military challenges + Renown After Milliliter challenge is completed you can use Drogon (IDP) to kill any character controlled by the opponent with 4 strength or lower Pair with In Daznak's Pit for s second kill by drogon. You also get Sea of Blood first Time round and can get a Dracarys! to Burn yet another character if you control another Dragon or Dany(if dany then its a -5)

Alternate Alternately you can run The Lord of the Crossing and Flea Bottom

The Lord of the Crossing is great if you got the characters out to do three challenges which with this deck is't hard with quad military and a double hit with In Daznak's Pit Flea Bottom is good if you feel you need more icons and strength consistently. Flea Bottom to bring back Second Sons since they are Sacrificed aft end of phase wen they have no strength The Lord of the Crossing also give you the one power on third challenge and +1 Strength to all attacking players you control, useful if you lack strength in your match ups

Tournaments Status

I have sadly not been able to try this at a tournament yet I will update the page when i do


A fellow gamer who had a deck similar to this concept and i decided i wanted to try for myself.

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