Tyrion's Bowels (Top 8 at UK WAR)

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kweeny 458

First of all, a big thank you to all the organizers from U.K. WAR! It was amazing and I had great fun. All my opponents were great as well. Shoutout to Cersei (Joe) for becoming our regent at the last minute and doing an incredible job.

The Deck

The deck is based around the best lannister location available right now, Bowels of Casterly Rock. It gives draw or gold, which are basically the things you need to maximize your card effects. You might ask: what does this deck have that Lanni Kingdom does not have?

  1. Begging Brother This deck can run begging brothers without having to pay an extra gold. Begging brothers are good and an enabler for your Sparrows. Running Sparrows means you can even win a passive power game against builders or baratheon.

  2. Bowels of Casterly Rock from turn one and indestructible Red dooring bowels means you will always have an extra location against pd and you don't have to worry against a nothing burns or location hate.

  3. A Very Large Shadow Having bowels from turn one means that A Very Large Shadow is a gain 5 gold card if you squint. This means that you can bluff 0 gold and still get Ser Robert Strong out when someone thinks they are safe, or Tyrion Lannister (TB) in any random phase to gain economic advantage.

  4. Tunnels of the Red Keep Always having access to bowels means that you can use tunnels to essentially trigger Tunnels in any phase. Which means that if you have 4 gold left after the challenge phase, you can get Tunnels out of shadows twice before taxation hit, thereby triggering Bowels of Casterly Rock twice, converting that useless gold in 2 juicy cards.

The deck essentially has 2 gameplans: one is to deconstruct your opponents hand and characters (usually in that order), the other, maybe somewhat unexpected for a shadows deck, to outconstruct your opponent. With double Trade Routes and bowels getting an economic advantage is quite easy actually. With Tunnels of the Red Keep you turn all your little weenies in giant behemoths of 10 strength, making an impenetrable wall and winning any challenge you want.

Things I would change/want to add:

More Tunnels of the Red Keep, it was amazing all day long, and really helps out against the Barring the Gates turns.

More Varys (DitD), it won me two games

One The Starry Sept could be added to increase the efficiency of Sparrows

Change Varys's Riddle for Forgotten Plans, stopping barring and king plot is necessary. The other thing you might want to swap for it is At the Gates, since I usually opened Varys's Riddle anyway.

Not sure for what to cut them though, the slots are real hard to find in the deck.

Matchups of the day

  1. Bara Fealty I was behind on board immediately (the deck usually is), and with a Stannis Baratheon (FotS) with lightbringer and a Ser Justin Massey on board my opponent quickly rose up to 7 power by dominance round one. I had to Valar Morghulis turn two since if I did not and he played king plot I would have lost immediately. He did play king plot, but wasnt able to marshall a whole lot after that. The next turn Barring the Gates also stopped me for quite a while, but I managed to crawl my way back and win.

  2. Greyjoy Sun (Drowned Gods) Keb had the worst setup of her life in this game, setting up a single disciple and some locations, subsequently followed by redrawing into 5 negative attachments. With me being on shadows those attachments did not do a whole lot. I Marched to the Wall the disciple turn one since there was no Nagga's Ribs yet. I managed to control the board and when I finally managed to get rid of the triple duped Tarle with Varys and Mandon Moore the game was over. I won on time by a 2-3 power difference

  3. Martell Stag I knew I had a pretty good matchup against any slow deck, since Cersei Lannister (DitD) eats slow control decks for live. I could get her out quite fast, and a topdecking martell stag does not do a whole lot anymore. This was however quite the slugfest, with us both being on 0 power at the end of round 3.

  4. Stark Dragon Dustan played this wonderfully and I got a full display of how insane the combination of Freedmen and Wyman Manderly is. I could not stop the train rolling, nor control Dustan's hand(wyman drawing 3 cards every round did not help), so he won in ridiculous fast fashion.

  5. Targ Prince I knew I was favored in this matchup, since my characters are in shadows anyway. I could stop all his Prince triggers, get his board unduped and Valared it all away. He did counter with his return to the fields, but it did not matter anyway.

  6. NW Sea of Blood Jamie piloted this SoB deck incredibly wall and I got showed how incredibly good Bound for the Wall is. I managed to kneel his faction card with Old Bill Bone the first two rounds, however, Jamie had 2 copies of the card played in turn two anyway. First stealing my Tyrion was annoying, but stealing Ser Robert Strong turn two was the nail in the coffin. His plot line was also incredibly strong against mine, with both pd and barring the gates leaving me no room for a comeback.

  7. Tyrell Rains This game was my all or nothing. Florian already made the cut, however, I still had to work for it. Florian was an amazing sport during the game and really tried to play well around my deck. However, the game revolved around some crucial spots. Florian did not think it was worth it to nightmares my goldroad when I had 4 gold showing in the challenges phase. This allowed me to bring Ser Robert Strong out and kill his Ser Mark Mullendore. After emptying Florian's hand a turn later, I valared and Florian did not smell it coming. I poisoned coin his lonely The Knight of Flowers (HoT), after which the game was all but decided.

With me being the 5-2 player with the highest SoS, I had a bye the first round of the cut.

Top 16

Tyrell Rains Yes, this was a rematch. After the previous day I was excited to have a rematch against Florian. This game was one of the best games I have ever played with it lasting all until time and was eventually finalized in the last standing phase of the round. I saw all my Clever Feints in this match which was really fortunate. The last one ended up winning me the game. Renly was threatening to run away with the game, with it being triple duped, having 3 power on it from renown and having a begging brother to keep it safe. The round before the last I could Clever Feint to get all my guys safely back to shadows to ensure my Valar Dohaeris did not hurt me too much. In taxation I could bring out Varys (DitD) for free because of all my other shadows cards. Florian did not cancel this with his begging brother because he wanted to keep it for something more useful (or he forgot). With him keeping Renly and the begging bro for vd, I brought out Tyrion in the plot phase with A Very Large Shadow, trying to trigger him to put Varys (DitD) back in to shadows. This was not allowed however. We both marshaled a few things and went to the challenges phase.

I could win all the challenges this round, because all my units had +8 Strength from a Tunnels trigger, so I did, scoring some power along the way. Florian had to use up his begging brother here to stop my Ser Robert Strong, otherwise I would have gotten an unopposed challenge and trigger my Poisoned Coin. I triggered my Lions gates since it was the last round anyway, seeing a clever feint along the way. Florian was still ahead by 2/3 power after my challenges and decided to push for dom, with me winning that. I then used Clever Feint to bring back Varys (DitD) and Tyrion Lannister (TB), brought back Varys to shoot Renly once, then brought out Tyrion to bring Varys back and gave him the final blow. Boom! Amazing game vs an amazing opponent.

Top 8

Bara Qohor Rose I had to face a fellow Dutchie, Franke. Knowing what kind of deck this was(barring and king plot) and real rushy, I knew I only had a small chance of winning. This was the match I most regretted of not switching Varys's Riddle for Forgotten Plans. Franke played this incredibly well, milking my one guy with shadows that could get an unopposed through so I could not trigger poisoned coin, counter my Valar with his Return to the Fields and play Barring and king plot the two following turns. He closed on me on round 4 and went ahead to make it to the grand finals.

Thank you all for the amazing weekend and feel free to ask questions.

Kind regards,



Mog 62

Great deck, great performance, great player.

Amoon 1

Something more useful ^^ Indeed the best game i personally had all weekend. Real pleasure.

YuleOoze 206

First of all massive cudos for another impressive deck (even if I still think Shadow keyword is just bad game design). I really wonder if the whole concept still works if you have to dodge an additional plot in the new meta now. Any useful thoughts on that?

kweeny 458

Thanks for all the praise. <3

Expose duplicity is annoying for sure, though not gamebreaking. I think the Tyrell decks have more problems with it, since they loose their centerpiece combo card(guile), while this deck can play more onto the board and prefers to keep some of it's big guys/gals on the board. Just keep it in mind and don t empty your hand in shadows.

Kentucky Shaun 39

Would you work Alchemist’s Guildhall in here? It seems too good not to include. What would you switch out for it?

kweeny 458

@Kentucky ShaunI would definitely put a copy in. Not sure I can fit more than one though. Not sure what to cut, maybe one sparrow.

Benji 758

Well made buddy. This is the kind of tournament-proof creativity that we are here for.