Fishy winter income (Top 8, swiss 5-1, Barna Dohaeris 2019)

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Narwe 47

I started to make this deck just two days before the tournament and went to it untested (not a single play), so, I'm the first surprised that it worked so well. The best of all is that the deck can clearly be improved and also has slots to be customized.

Last week, I made and tested a Greyjoy "The Rains of Castamere" deck with Euron Crow's Eye (KotI) as restricted card, it was awful and had a lot of flaws. I didn't want to remake that deck with Drowned God Fanatic and I was told Greyjoy Kings of Winter with pillage was working good, so I decided to switch. Since I knew I wasn't going to able to test it, I tried to make a deck focusing in the things that I know they could work and being careful with the ones that I was not sure about them (just 1 copy, etc.).

The main idea was to choke opponents on gold while I have enough gold to pay for Greyjoy's expensive characters, I didn't want to give up them. To be sure I had enough gold I started with two Winter Reserves, added Valar Morghulis as reset, and then chose only plots with winter trait. Nothing Burns Like The Cold and Snowed Under were very useful, Barring the Gates was not bad, I didn't played against shadows but I expect it to be useful. Probably I'll change False Spring for The First Snow of Winter, Winter Festival or any of claim 2 for the next time.

Corpse Lake and Maiden's Bane definitely need to be replaced and Nightflyer at least a second copy.


Kakita_Rinsei 28

i would change Balon for a different version ( Balon Greyjoy "Kings of the Isles"), also I would double up on king of Salt and Rock. If your going to drop Corpse Lake I would highly suggest 2x Silence and you can add your Nightflyer, though I would keep Maiden's Bane and drop a Rose Road instead. Just my two cents. Nice deck will get better as more mill stuff gets released. :)

King Nothing 1

I guess that theme can be grow in the future. The new ships from theTarg Box can help. Also the wintertime marauders will be back in the game. Corpse Lake can help but maybe 1 copy ist enough. I also think that pillage Balkon ist the better choice with fanatics as the restricted. I would cut the raiding longships, seems too expansive to me. @Kakita_Rinswi Silence ist unplayable without Euro and too expansive. I'd rather go with 2x nightflyer and a sneaky copy of corpse lake. And yes i definitiv would also keep maidens bane

Will try your deck. THX for sharing

Kakita_Rinsei 28

I consider the impact for the cost of silence a small price to pay for free warships and a theat of straightening. I have been running with other Euron and find his triple icon location stealing valuable in every game I have played. I think also player style and strategy plays a role.