Power Wars II - The Bannermen Strike Back, BotBoC Winner

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Keep the faith, Fickle Bannermen! King of Swiss (4-0), DW SC 27 16 17 1.0
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SonOfBattles1 254

Hey all, during the fall swing of the NECT tournaments I decided to update my Win all the challenges deck and bring it to some tourneys. I originally built the deck since I hate Sea of Blood and don't play enough competitively to remember tons of triggers. Turns out it was a good meta call. Blood is still everywhere, and I still don't feel like remembering triggers outside of power challenges. Also, the Bara Box gave me some new toys, specifically Parley at Storm's End, which I venture to say is the best non restricted, faction specific plot in the game, and Chef Bob who just cranks our control to 11 and enables us to run the best non restricted, generic plot in the game. The same strategy applies to this deck as the one outlined in its predecessor, so I'll really only cover the differences here.


Parley at Storm's End is almost always played on turn 2 against a blood or crossing deck. It's awesome if you're able to play In the Name of Your King! to stuff mil round 1 to really stall blood - often you'll hit their Return to the Fields and they'll end up saccing nothing and still not be able to swing for

Fortified Position this is specifically a card to stall out , shadows, and King Scumbag. Bonus that Disputed Claim allows us to collect renown while opponents character renown is turned off.

The King in the North massive card when Bob is on the board. Also functions as a great stall card otherwise and it too stops Tiltbringer - Also, Selyse Baratheon (FotOG) triggers regardless!


Robert Baratheon (FotS) grants massive control flexible to any situation. Works great to keep boards locked down from previous kneel effects.

Delena Florent non Bastards cannot stand during the challenge phase. The The Bastard of Nightsong tutor is just icing.

Ser Imry Florent Bara's Doran's Game. Pop him and win.

Red Priest Hand sniping during the challenge phase. They're so good every Bara deck should run 3x now.


A Pinch of Powder Silver bullet inclusion. Targeted Character removal - or just the threat of it, completely changes challenge math for your opponents.


The Iron Throne (LMHR) Super good. Works well that we have a decent idea of what's in hand from Red Priest and A Pinch of Powder.

King's Gate Extra draw - fairly consistent since this is a power challenge deck.


  • Battle on the Bay of Crabs (Winner)
  • Thronestoberfest (Top 16, piloted by Todd Moyer)
  • Red Saturday (Top 8, piloted by Todd Moyer)

euphius 242

Thanks for handing me this gem to pilot to two cuts. Should have taken it deeper in both but for play errors on my own end too.

dbcb 1

This is an excellent deck. I took it to the second North Carolina regional this weekend, expecting a lot of Sea of Blood, and was 4-0 to take King of Swiss, before losing in the top 4 to a Targ Sea of Blood I'd beaten in the Swiss, ending the day 5-1 overall. Thanks for helping me to a good showing in the last official local tournament!

SonOfBattles1 254

@dbcbGlad to hear it treated you well! This deck is meant to be an anti-SoB deck, but Targ Blood is so above the curve right now that it still is a really tough match. If anything, I'd consider swapping ED for a second Barring to better handle it.

Kentucky Shaun 39

What do you think about Exchange of Information instead of Fortified Position? I find that if I don’t see Red Keep, I tend to start top decking, and I rarely flip FP and not have hurt my options as well.

SonOfBattles1 254

@Kentucky Shaun With Yoren restricted, Fortified Position is less necessary - almost every character in this deck is vulnerable to him. I'd think Exchange would be a fine replacement.