Claimfully (Feast For crows II winner)

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Derry 126

A Feast For Crows II

Stream: Swiss, Top8

Claims, death and orange cards! I've been trying different Knights of the Hollow Hill lists during the last weeks, and I finally decided to take this one to Feast For Crows. I had a bunch of really fun games and the deck behaved quite smoothly, even though I guess it could gain consistency with some changes. Happy to get feedback!

The main point of the deck is to maximize claim benefit, either with high claim plots such as You Win Or You Die or Desperate Attack, or with claim denier cards Burning on the Sand and Vengeance for Elia. Also running a bunch of killable characters helps in case claim cannot be prevented.

Without going into round-by-round detail, these were the key factors that I believe contributed most to the victory:

I hope you enjoy the list if you try it, there are lots of tricks and fun sequences! My initial lists also ran Sunspear or more control cards like The Iron Throne (LMHR) but I finally added 1x Ghaston Grey and 1x Secret Pact to deny Renown as much as possible, which along with passive power are the worst enemies of this deck. Notably, I was bashed by a Fealty and I was lucky enough to dodge the other Tyrells in the top8, which I think were a worse matchup due to their insane card draw.

See you all around! Cheers


footlong 200

This is such an incredibly rude list ;)

Congrats on your well-deserved win!

Deathlysteve 194

I like this list a lot! Had something similar a while ago, glad to see it successful. Just a heads up though, are you aware that if you play Vengeance for Elia whilst you have Desperate Attack revealed, the claim is not +1 from your plot? Something to do with the wording of vengeance not treating "you as the defending player". Still an awesome turn 1 start to keep the pressure on though!

Derry 126

Hey Deathlysteve, glad you liked it! Yeah I was aware of that, I got certainly disappointed when I checked the card site and found the rule explanation haha. I'm not sure if all my opponents were aware of it, but in any case, vengeance for even only 1 mil claim becomes even more scary if your oppo runs a 3 claim plot, so I guess the bluff still worked out somehow :D Cheers!


Malka beast! Meta Farró is proud of you! I would say that we miss playing and testing with you but... What a hard decklist man! Curious about no His Viper Eyes and the lonely Desert Scavenger.

You clearly defended the Ellarya!

stbc 7

¿Este es tu ídolo?

  • El mío sí!

Grande Malka. Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

ChannelDelibird 1068

I don't often think Martell decks are cool, but this is definitely cool. Good thing I saw a Diplomat for that Desperate Attack turn or I'd have been toast as well. Great deck, great performance, bravo!

Derry 126

@MFS there was simply no room for his viper eyes, plus you expect to have claim 2/3 intrigue challenge + a clean board so I guess it may be overkill. Regarding the lone desert scavenger, I really can't defend it more than saying it helped at mil claimsoak and for Marched rounds.

Farró prevails!

thehumanh 281

Interesting deck and well played, congratulations!