"The Spy Who Loved Me" - Finalist at Charity Christmas Bcn

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Lannister 570

Hi Thrones players!

I had the honor to host this Charity Christmas Tournament in an online version of our traditional event of the Barcelona's meta. 26 players joined and contributed to the cause, ending up in an amazing tournament-party with top high-class players: https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/7761/scores

I got this beauty to fight in the final vs my friend Hanno which I lost in a mix of bad luck + a bad pairing + facing the best player.

The plan:

So how is this different from the previous Red Saturday deck? Details, only details. Initially I was considering using the "Ooops they broke GJ" deck formula with Tyrell Aloof and Apart. Replacing Winter Festival for City of Spiders and removing half of my limited locations to open quite a few slots to add some cool tech. And that'd be a great idea, however expecting so many GJ, Lanni Kraken and Nightflyer everywhere, I opted for carrying a solid economy pack instead.

This deck also carries 2 new cards from the brand new Forgotten Heroes pack, now a keeper, and focuses into repeating challenges and boosting str abusing of Tyrell's spies + Olenna's Machinations, always an MVP event in my decks.

Key differences and highlights:

Orton Merryweather: Such a beautiful card... This deck is not built around him, but being a x1 takes back a key event and he is also a cheap Lord to dispose. His synergy with spies is not key but thematic with the deck. So long Paxter Redwyne :(

Ser Emmon Cuy: This little guy is a gem. Thought until last minute swapping him for Ser Colen of Greenpools just for the icons but... how wrong I was. Won me two games in 2 finisher A Clash of Kings rounds. Dying for the cause. Not all heroes wear capes, but he does!

Brienne of Tarth (HoT) Worse than the 5 coster but better body for the Aloof and Apart eco pack.

To the Rose Banner! The Redesigns version. The main purpose is to recycle informants or spies that are already on board when Mace Tyrell (R) is not around. But, you know, it also stands knelt chars, removes malicious attachs or abuses House Florent Knight. A true delicacy at 0 cost.

Olenna's Informant and Hightower Spy. The heart of the deck. The informants + Olenna's Machinations led me to play until 3 power challs in a row with standy Randyll Tarly (Core). Spies boosting Str were also key against, for example, my matchup vs Targa Burn.

And two more key changes from the original Red Saturday's deck. Removing Milk of the Poppy and leaving the deck to 60 cards improved the draw quality considerably.

If you have interest into seeing me driving it, find in this link my top games vs Prince (Marquina), Aloof (Harren) and the final vs Assault (Hanno): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3Yr3mB-j98knolIA-ksvOri5gW_rdl6I

So... 3rd, now 2nd... I guess I'm meant to win the next one? Hope so! :D

Thanks for your support! Share your thoughts!

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