"The Many-Spies Stuffed God" - Winner Playtest Friendly 3

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Lannister 557


Now that "Hear My Words" is out on both Thronesdb and theironthrone.net let me introduce you to this beautiful deck that shows how powerful the Spy theme becomes with the brand new cards: The Many-Faced God + Behold our Bounty and how Tyrell benefits from it

Good times for green cards! Multi-challenging is the new trend!

I will be playing this deck again representing Catalonia in the Battle of Nations!

Try the deck. Enjoy it. Have fun figuring out all the cool interactions and plays!



cjbaker298 1

Is Hear my Words going to come out as a physical deck?

Lannister 557

Once it is officially announced in the social media you will get a link to an article that has all the images available for printing it online yourself as with the previous packs from the Design Team

Lannister 557

There you go mate: agot.cards

oldbearmormont 1

Played with this deck over +100 times with friends:) my all-time favorite, thank you for putting this up.

A couple of changes I did were, adding 1 Goldengrove and 1 Longtable and dropping two Redwyne Straits. Makes the deck more susceptible to Political Disaster, but gives more flexibility to an already very flexible deck.

Remove Summer Harvest and add Fallen from Favor. I think this plot card is underrated, it's a great opener in some cases where you set up with The Hightower, Scheming Septon, and Oldtown:) also works greatly when timing against opponent's Valar Dohaeris or when I desperately need the initiative. Opener will either be Fallen from Favor or [Time of Plenty].(/card/05051)

Remove Mina Redwyne, I just never prioritized this card, and removing 2 Redwyne Straits reduces its effectiveness. I'm still pondering what to put in instead of it, but for right now settled for Margaery Tyrell (HoT).

I'm recently considering putting Varys (Core) for it's interaction with Longtable.

If you have any new suggestions for this deck, let me know, please! Thanks again.