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Marco Martell 70

The deck was built and used once in The 8 Regents of Westeros team tourney that House Baratheon Team has just won. I haven't had big hopes to win with this banner against mostly NPE agendas that were left for House Martell team. Therefore, I tried to tech quite hard against expected from Francesco Cirilli Knights of the Realm instead of playing one of the decks created earlier by our Regent (The 4 Kings edited by me during testing) or a public list (Warhammer is here to STAY!!!).

However, Francesco chose Knights of the Hollow Hill to play against me, which was quite an unpleasant surprise when I saw it. I guess, it was partially because of my love towards 6+ cost cards (proven by playing Qohor, Alliance Qohor Wolf and White Book), and partially because they still had 2 copies of that agenda left in their store.

In the end it worked for me, and I think the other deck I tested wouldn't do that well. It was recorded by Odrl, so no need to talk much about the game itself. The opening plot was the one I considered useless for this matchup (it was here just for A Tourney for the King) and the one that guaranteed some gold in theory. Picking Ser Imry instead of Dragonstone Port on Ravages of War was my mistake as I misunderstood the plot and thought I had to choose both character and location . Allowing Francesco to trigger River Gate was my biggest mistake in that game. I just didn't think about its potential influence on my opponent's restricted card Secret Schemes and thought that the additional power from unopposed challenge might help me.

So let's explain some cards choices. Baratheon cards don't require explanation I believe.


Targaryen cards:

The deck name is related to the deck's main intention of kneeling the board and the Mad King's words, who was himself Targaryen, and it refers this way to the Targaryen cards and The Mad King's Command in this deck.


Odrl 1249

I thought Banners were our worst agendas, but in the end we did pretty well with them. :)

And here is the game in question:

Req 7

I finally watched the recording of our game, it was really entertaining even if a bit long. I had the feeling I could have won, but you held up very well. For me Plaza was the most annoying card considering the small boards. I think if I played Knights like you expected, you would have won pretty easily. So in the end our strategy worked but the game was equally very tight and well played on your part.

Marco Martell 70

thank you for your comment