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hagarrr 829

Bonjour everyone, this is the 6th and final deck I played in the 8 Regents of Westeros tournament. I chose to play it against Martell, as they generally have a strength in intrigue instead of power, and Greywater Watch is superb at nullifying any icon control.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice some striking similarities between this deck and another I have posted... Yes, this is basically another chapter in the heroic adventures of #MeeraForever and Mr Choppy.

Why Prince Eddard? Because he's worth standing a lot basically.

The main differences in the deck were to remove some of the kill effects (Bitey Coin, Big Chop, and We Kill More of your Characters because It Will Get Cold at some Unspecified Time in Future), as well as removing Rickon and Sansa. These were replaced by more power icons (Always on Setup, and Really Annoying Woman), cards Martell do not like (Your House is Cold Now, No Fun for You, and Icon Control? LOL), and another recurring shadows event.

+ADDED > 2x Greatjon Umber 1x Shadow of the North 1x Greywater Watch 1x Bran Stark (Core) 2x Catelyn Stark (Core) 2x Frozen Solid

-REMOVED > 2x Poisoned Coin 1x Ice 3x Winter Is Coming 1x Sansa Stark (WotN) 1x Rickon Stark

I actually like playing this deck a lot more than the Assault from the Shadows version, almost definitely because I don't need to keep track of the gold I can add and subtract from the agenda and plots, but also because it's a little bit more midrange and can compete on the board earlier in the game.

I'm convinced there are plenty of good decks out there that use the Winter suite of plots and Tower of the Hand. If only there were more useful Winter plots that could vary the plot line up some more. I'm also sure there is a deck with Robb and chums using Skagos from shadows to use Tower and stand a knelt character to then stand the board, and maybe even a deck to stand DogBran a lot for his canine pals. Bringing out Greywater Watch to trigger Tower to stand a Direwolf and using Greywater Watch to add said Direwolf and play CHOMP seems very enticing indeed....


BaraBoi 1

Why do u have bad Arya

hagarrr 829

I thought this was bad Arya ----> Arya Stark (WotN)

Marco Martell 70

that one is terrible Arya :D by art the worst as well