Weird Bara Decks - No Goat So Sweet

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Quick Story: 6-2 Poznan Regionals 2023 (2nd place) 7 4 3 1.0

SonOfBattles1 394

Weird Bara Deck 3 - No Goat So Sweet

Another Regents' Deck! I should've published this months ago, as to burnish my hipster credentials with Free Companies, but the power of that agenda has now been demonstrated far and wide. Regardless, we have to ask ourselves the question - how does benefit from bestow tech?

The Unbreakable Bannermen

Fickle Bannerman, so tantalizing, so fickle. A renowned, 3 cost, 5 str, beatstick that will swing to your opponent at the drop of a hat. Bannerman hacks are nothing new. A popular approach to guarantee their loyalty is a combo with The Starry Sept, which can blank them at opportune times. However, the Sept needs to be tutored and marshaled. Free Companies is always present and can always keep the Fickle Bannerman festooned with coins.

The Usual Mercenaries

The Bannermen have a keyword and gold. You know who else likes keywords and gold? Shagwell and Vargo Hoat. Let's not stop with Renown though. With a Warhammer, Fickle Bannerman also gains Intimidate, and that kicks the keyword sharing into high gear...

The Song that was Promised

If a character has Renown and Intimidate. It stands to reason we would like them to attack as many times as possible in a round. Typical tech to enable this is Lightbringer and Ser Justin Massey, both of which are in this deck, but we have access to a new toy that's even more dastardly - No Song So Sweet! Lead with a power challenge initiated by a weenie, let the opponent declare no or minimal defense, then BAM! and a Intimdate/Renown beatstick to the challenge. With this card in hand, and either of the aforementioned mercenaries on the board (for the sake of their icon), you can get 3 challenges in a phase with Intimidate and Renown.

Other Key Cards

  • Fast Bob. He functions like the Bannermen, but is faster and kingly. Add gold to him via Vargo Hoat, Unbridled Generosity, or the agenda.
  • Ser Richard Horpe. Similar to Bob, but he can give surprise strength pumps to himself during an Intimidate challenge or he can just bank renown power to your faction card.
  • Ser Axell Florent. Axell is in a deck. He actually gets to kneel people now.
  • Antler Men - Stormlands Fiefdom during Taxation! A sneaky way to to up your econ curve. Wait for gold to be returned during Taxation, move renown power with the Fiefdom, trigger the Antler Men, profit.


Get renown boys out. Give 'em hammers. Spread the gold. Play some sweet tunes. Go first. Rush. Win!


Sammy 29

hey son of battles i follow your deck ideas. amazing what you create. all respect for you! another great deck with crazy ideas! can you do me a favour? look at my attempt with blackfish told me what changes should be. the idea with blackfish still good would be realy nice if you take a little time for looking nice greetings from germany

Gullbert 55

Nice deck. Gendry (BtB) and some other weapon attachments seem a good addition to this strategy.

SonOfBattles1 394

Could also work - I just always loathe having to work around the loyalty restrictions of Gendry. Definitely feel free to try it though!

dude_arya 1

@SonOfBattles1 Hats off to you for another amazing deck. Each time I play with a weird bara deck you have made, I am having FUN. I am feeling quite inspired to build a weird deck myself, something that is out of the meta. Hope to see more weird decks from you in the future!

Reader 292

This looks super fun Peter. I think I'll be sleeving this for casual games at the Castle. Thats if I have enough cards after sleeving my joust deck and at least 4 melee decks. Keep them coming

Reader 292

I recommend you try Stannis's Cavalry in this deck... having an army card is good for Brave Companions too.