Quick Story: 6-2 Poznan Regionals 2023 (2nd place)

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Weird Bara Decks - No Goat So Sweet 7 4 6 1.0
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2. Uneducators - Free Companies 0 0 0 1.0

kuwalek 43

This is my version of Bara Rush, which allows you to collect 15 in one round (the most during the tournament I collected 13 in the first plot). In practice, I usually manage to collect about 6-8 per round, so in the second or third plot it should end in victory :)

Besides, this deck has it all: gold, renown, stealth, intimidate, control... You don't need anything else to be happy :)

Regional Championships - Poznan 2023:

( https://thrones.tourneygrounds.com/tournaments/8297 )

  1. A Mummer's Farce - Win
  2. Fealty - Win
  3. Fealty - Win
  4. Free Companies - Loss (KoS of this tournament - after mulligan I had only 4 characters in my hand [3x Dragonstone Faithful and Ser Davos Seaworth (Core)] until the third plot, so I was gaining -4 each turn :P)
  5. Aloof and Apart - Win
  6. TOP8 A Mummer's Farce - Win
  7. TOP4 Banner of the Lion - Win
  8. Final Free Companies - Loss (From the first plot full of economy, including Casterly Rock (BtB) and The Iron Bank (R) + the whole family :/)

mak 313

Nice to see something new with Bara. Congrats on your performance @kuwalek!

kuwalek 43

Thanks @mak! It's all thanks to which @SonOfBattles1, after little modifications, they are suitable for competitive tournaments :)

SonOfBattles1 436

@kuwalek it's always good to see folks running some Weird Bara tech. I like how you leaned into rush with your plot changes here.