House Martell Wars (Lord & Ladies) - For FO, by kantzsot

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Difficulty: Medium

Although Martell Wars aligns well with Armies, I chose to remove most of them and added the lord ladies. As for the reasons:

  1. Lord & Ladies are easier to be saved with dupes and bodyguards
  2. Doran!

Plots :
The main disadvantage of Wars is the prized. Therefore, the deck uses as few non-war plots as possible.

Start with City of Secrets to dig for Gulltown to prepare the City plot line (Manning the City Walls, City Festival, etc.). We have to keep the first two plots without prize, especially against fast decks like The Lord of the Crossing.

Then, the deck adapts to the opponent's deck as well as to the options it has. If there is an army in hand, Manning the City Walls. Attachment removal? Beyond Reproach / The Pointy End. Location Control? Political Disaster. Character Control? Wildfire Assault. When we are about to close the game, Gossip and Lies. Also, City of Spiders as Eco.

As for the Prized, the deck gives maximum 4 Prized if it has to play all answers it has. Less than 4 if it does not have to play all of them.

Characters :
The characters are straightforward on what they are doing. Doran Martell (Core) as the core of the deck. Mellario of Norvos to protect him. Armies for draw and intimidate. Arianne Martell (JtO) to control opponent's characters. Areo Hotah (SoD) and Myrcella Baratheon (GoH) as Defenders. The Red Viper (Core) to close the game. Quentyn Martell (WotN) is one of the best card in my opinion as a reset counter except for Valar Dohaeris. When he dies, he can kill one of the three characters opponent chose in Wildfire turn or kill a just saved character in Morghulis or Stranger (for example, kill a character that was saved from Risen, Bodyguard or Dupe).

Attachments :
Not much about them. Bodyguard to save our lords-ladies and Dawn as str boost and possible intimidate. It is important to place it on Doran against Burn decks. Although, he gives str to the other lords ladies, he remains at 4 str.

Locations :
Mostly economic locations. River Gate is used to draw 2 cards especially when the deck is about to close the game and it needs it's precious events. Ghaston Grey is also the best location to counter Voltrons. It has lost in For the Realm Meta its impact that it had before but still powerfull.

Events :
Like in every Martell Wars deck, events are the ones that makes it special.

His Viper Eyes and The Hand's Judgment to control opponents hand and limit his options.

Someone Always Tells to cancel opponent's plots. It can be played with City Festival, City of Spiders and In Doran's Name. Even when we don't have it in our hand, it has its impact since the opponent knows that we can cancel his reset. So be careful and time it right!

Gossip and Lies (works like To The Spears!, which is now restrited) + Doran's Game (R) to rush to victory. Lastly, The Prince's Plan for STR boost and In Doran's Name for Economy.

Main Plan: the main plan is to control the game with our events and our characters. Use intimidate to kneel them, protect with str boost and after we have 3 used plots, we can rush to victory. Therefore, Doran Martell (Core) is crucial, so he needs to be saved but in case he dies, no worries. We can still claim victory through our multiple attacks, Gossip and Lies) and power gain options (The Red Viper (Core), Doran's Game (Core)).

Draw: it has 2 insights, 3 River Gate, 3 Greenblood Trader and 3 Starfall Cavalry

Economy: 2 plots, 2 In Doran's Name, 12 Locations and 6 characters.

Against Duel: Doran is saved from Mellario of Norvos, Quentyn works better when he dies, Arianne enters and leaves play so our only 6+ cost non-army character is Red Viper.

Overall, it has the options and answers to deal with any kind of deck, even when it is at a disadvantage.

Although it has lost its impact, because of Armies and Assault, it can be competitive. In the current Meta, Martell Wars belong to the armies in my opinion, but Lords-Ladies theme is not dead yet and it is looking for its next Agenda like Fealty and Aloof.

This deck is made by kantzsot which is a very good thrones player who plays several agenda's at a very high level. kantzsot (JP Profile) is a super deck builder, and is one of very few people who manage to build a highly competitive The Long Voyage deck. Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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