Meta Police (Stahleck Joust Top 4)

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dom 458

... arrest this man ♬

This is the list which earned me my first ever Stahleck cut and even a semifinal appearance.

The idea is quite simple: keep constant board pressure while disrupting your opponent’s plans. Many cards on this list don´t look like much, but they are silver bullets in some of the current popular matchups. Umber Loyalist and Old Gate help you find them.

Some examples:

Last Hearth Scouts: Decks that need to jump stuff to protect their board are in big trouble with those on the board.

Arya Stark: Many opponents rely on a favorable Valar Morghulis against you (with Valar Dohaeris/Marched to the Wall you can even trick your opponent into Valar Morghulis, where you get to save stuff). Also, with The First Snow of Winter you usually get a good VD or even Marched next plot phase. In addition, I like to complain about duplicates soaking -claim... she is the answer.

Grey Wind + Bolton Flayer: With correct piloting this creates a very favorable matchup against our beloved fools and all other weenie decks.

Ser Jason Mallister: At his worst he is a 4/4 renown bicon. At his best you play Barring the Gates and stand him with Northern Armory to discard two cards in shadows - creating huge tempo- and card-advantage.

Frozen Solid: Probably the best card in Thrones now. Shout-out to Lennart who The Iron Throne´d me from playing one each on his The Iron Bank & Flea Bottom, winning him the semi-final.

I´d like to thank the G.O.T. for restricting Robb Stark to give me the idea. You can unrestrict She-Bear or Alysane Mormont now, thanks ;)


FranciscoG 72

Would a change of Alysane for Robb to maximize greywind work? or is he too expensive for the deck? I think he is, but maybe you experience diferent. Also i was thinking of maybe remove a couple of cards to include ward. Lastly, i love winter festival but i have whiff on it cause too many summer plots. What winter (or not winter) plot would you use to replace it?

dom 458

Yeah Robb is too expensive, and Alysane is really strong on those small boards, especially with Withering Cold. Winter Festival won me all close games, this one I would definitly not cut.

dom 458

Ward disables Old Gates, and there aren´t too many targets around / players play around it. That´s why I cut it.

argento 649

A very smart deck Dom , with solutions against so many matchups. Congrats for both bullding and playing it so well.

Neoptolemos 794

Congrats on your performance, good deck, but I'm pretty sure it needed a lot of skill as well!

As it resembles me in its core concept my own Fealty from German Nats (though it achieves the goal by very different means), I would ask - didn't you consider playing Winter Reserves instead of anything? Festival is better when it gives you the flexibility to speed up the game a little bit, but on the other hand additional gold is ALWAYS very useful and Festival can miss. Which plot is your default opener (assuming Marched isn't worth it)? Also: have you considered ANY 2-claim plot here?

dom 458

@argento Thank you so much! Was a pleasure meeting & playing you.

@Neoptolemos Your deck was an inspiration of course.

With Winter Reserve I got hit in testing with Naval Superioty quite often against Targ and also if you don´t open with it, it´s basically blank (plus I play 2 non-Winter plots, which were non-negotiable).

I usually open with Rationing, Barring the Gates (to get it out of the way for Meera also) or Withering Cold. Depends on what slows my opponent down the most. Sometimes you also get the odd Marched to the Wall to punish greedy setups.

In Swiss there were 3 Games where my opponent got to 12+ Power, but I just managed to close it with Winter Festival (in one game even twice!). Sure it can miss, but if you pressure your opponent into reseting, you usually get to it to hit. I haven´t faced pure control this Stahleck, but in testing it was my lifeline.

Other plots I tested a lot were The Long Winter, which is nice, but also double edged. It´s very strong with a Reserve in used pile, but ultimately I decided to not use both. In addition I tried The Stranger, which can really catch your opponent of guard, but ultimately decided to use First Snow instend (it´s too good with Meera).