Edric the Unfair (not really)

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So here is my failure of a deck I choose this year for Stahleck.

Edric Dayne (HMW) was the card of choice as you may have red in my Melee report, but this deck depends on him way more than the Melee deck.

I love a The Wall (TMoW) and I build around both Edric and The Wall ... why you would ask? Because everyone have to turn at The Wall to protect the realm. I had games when Asha, Vic and Balon joined forced to defend the realm, Lord Andres and his Host and not to mention Jon and Great Ranging. The deck excels vs Big Chonkers and not so well vs random fools, ladies and Slow Players.

The star of the Show was Edric all day. Allowing me to recur Hardhome, Marched cards or Forest Patrol sacrificed for Janos Slynt (TSC) or Janos himself during Mutiny. After playing all day and looking at some unfair stuff, looking at you A Mummer's Farce, I think Edric Dayne (HMW) is to fair and he could have easily been Twice per round. With the ability to put cards in shadow to wait out a resets I had to play 3x Starfall Spy. As my score wasn't that impressive 4:4 I think there was things to be desired, but after going 2:0 I played Tupac and his Baratheon Summer where I drew like s**t and then I dodged all the decks that I was hoping to play.

I don't regret choosing this option from the decks I had to choose this year as for me it was more for the "Small Family Reunion" that actually tryharding at the tourney.

P.S. Shout out to Sam Bratz, a random scrub, with whom we drafted the first version of the deck for 8th Regents.

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