Money, Money, Money! - World Cup 2023, Polish Team

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Neoptolemos 794

Hello everyone! If you have ever seen my decks, you probably know that I'm always proud to build them on my own, often quite different from the existing meta. Team tournament though was a different cup of tea - while I was eager to play something unexpected, for the sake of team, I've decided to go with the most efficient Lannister build nowadays. And I've to admit that this deck - not very far from Stahleck runner-up - is really a BEAST. This is the deck, that "The Rains of Castamere" wanted to be for such a long time.

There is not much to add to Lennart's full description from Stahleck, though I've added some small personal changes. First of all, I've obviously removed The Iron Throne (LMHR) due to tournament restrictions. I've also removed Milk of the Poppy and it's probably the most regrettable choice I've made, but I needed to remove SOMETHING. Sweetsleep was a little bit better for me and also during the tests I've decided that I need a little bit more characters to keep consistency.

In the characters, I've reduced the number of Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) copies since I was never a huge fan of that card. I've added instead very underrated Ser Addam Marbrand and a spicy copy of Ser Osmund Kettleblack and I absolutely don't regret it - both of them proved to be very solid additions. Ser Kevan Lannister and Ser Ilyn Payne were very useful as well and also single copy of Kayce Merchant helped me a lot with early game economy in at least 2 tournament games. All in all - I think that character base is perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Small changes in character base and in event/attachment segments aren't that important, though. I think that the most important changes were adding 2xAshemark and changing You Win Or You Die for Loan from the Iron Bank. The first one was brilliant - Ashemark was one of the best cards Lanni received in a long time, though before the era of Casterly Rock (BtB), it was way too hard to use consistently. Nowadays it's a gamechanger; bigger and more controllable The First Snow of Winter is the best out-of-plot reset besides Varys and resetting the board on demand is absolutely devastating. The second change is probably more controversial, but I would always defend it - You Win Or You Die is most often "win more" or "destroy my own hand" card for me and as I've spectated other games in the tournament, it lost a lot of games. This deck is getting better and better with every turn and it doesn't need this kind of finisher that much; cutting my own hand can be a huge problem, though. Loan, on the other hand, was really helpful to refill the board after reset or play our sweet big locations after Bran the Builder turn. In this version I think that Lanni FC is one of the most consistent and reliable midrange decks in current meta; Casterly Rock (BtB) together with the agenda provide such a reliable gold supply, that plots may focus on draw and cover the biggest weakness of all Lannister builds. The most consistent non-shadow Lanni build in a long, long time. Kudos to Lennart for developing this monster!

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Marco Martell 70

So now we should just say goodbye to Shagwell?