The Sparrows Orphanage - Team Israel 2023 WC

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The Sparrows Orphanage - Team Israel, 2020 World Cup 6 6 1 1.0
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hechtlinger 84

This is the Lannister version of The Sparrows Orphanage, played by Team Israel for the 2023 world cup. Deck went 4-0 in the group stage.

To win with this deck you need to do no challenges the entire game, lose all the challenges initiated against you, and win as your opponent is trying to figure out how to counter this. From a broad perspective, between 60-70g can win the game with the right cards. Pretty quickly The Iron Bank, Casterly Rock (BtB) and the rest of the econ generates 15g+ per turn with a draw/filter of 5+ cards per turn. That overwhelms the opponent's win condition and the deck can translate that into power gain.

Plot order is Building orders 2x -> Exchange -> Fortified -> Uneasy -> VD -> Coppers. Use the VD earlier only if it's a certain loss otherwise. Don't do any challenges until mid/late game. No matter what. Just don't do any challenges. That'll give the opponent power to steal from the faction card and speed up the game. The only goal in the challenges phase is to prevent the UO power gain and stall as much as possible.

Building Orders priority is Casterly Rock (BtB) > Hollow Hill > The Iron Bank > Rest. In some matches, you might also want to grab Milk or Seized. Hollow Hill is crucial here. Unlike the Martell Lion version which had Dorne and Secret Schemes, the Lannister Sun version is weak with the draw and strong with the econ. Hollow Hill and Plots is the way to solve that. Draw a lot, filter a lot. Start placing power on characters after the opponent reset, and in case they're running VM, search for Lancel dup. Mad King hurts. First Snow hurts. Lancel helps rebuild the board with Warror's Sons in the discard.

That's the deck. Grind your way to victory. The deck is strong but takes practice to navigate. There are lots of moving pieces and little room for mistakes. Against almost any mid-slow deck it is a guaranteed win, even with a time limit. Against rush, it's harder but feasible. When it works it's magic. That's the most NPE deck I've managed to build. I hope (some) of you would enjoy it.


prancingPWNy 104

Very cool ideas! Would love to see this in action. Do you know if Odrl caught any matches?

Odrl 1249

I recorded my own game against this, but I never published it. Didn't have time to record commentary. :)

Req 7

Do you think this version is stronger than the Martell one?

hechtlinger 84

Martell Sun was running The Iron Bank (TAK). It was built around generating exponential growth and closing in OTK using Sparrows and Orphans. That interaction was broken, and I like to think that deck was one of the main reasons the bank got redesigned.

Without the bank, the Martell Sun is not feasible anymore. It's just not possible to accumulate that obscene amount of gold in the game anymore. The Lannister version required Casterly Rock (BtB) to show up. Now there is (somewhat) enough gold, but not nearly infinite as one would like for a proper combo.

This requires a different playing style. The win is spread around several turns. Overall it's harder and weaker to play the Lannister version compared to the Martell. But had we been allowed to play this Lannister version with the old bank that would have been soooo much stronger than the Martell one.

Magnus 121

This is so interesting! Thanks for publishing mate! :)