Kill, Kill And Kill Again

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idan-cool 30

If you see Craster at the setup don't muligen and if you don't see Craster, muligen because he can stop Valar Morghulis and that is very helpfull if you want to get a lot of chracters on the board without being afraid of Valar Morghulis but don't put him in the setup most of the times because he dosen't have icon. you should put him in the first or second round.

At the first round you want to put Late Summer Feast and get Craster into the game unless you have to put Rattleshirt or Mag the Mighty to win and do claim 2 but if you can put Craster with Syrio Forel or other cards that help winning and win claim 2 you should. and you have to only attack to have less power then your opponent for King Beyond the Wall.

The second plot has to be Sneak Attack and you need to start with claim 3 or get it up even more with Put to the Sword, King Beyond the Wall or Mag the Mighty

If you don't have Craster or dupes and you see at the marshaling that your opponent will play Valar Morghulis or Valar Dohaeris next turn, get a claim 3,4 with King Beyond the Wall and try getting Craster or dupes using The Hollow Hill

A Storm of Swords, Mag the Mighty and Put to the Sword are a way to deal with dupes and saves.

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yanivbyd 1

Cool deck