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This deck uses the Knights of the Realm for draw support and Tyrrell econ for money to create fast pressure from knights -- usually attacking solo.

The Rainbow Knights support each other and the other knights. Ser Bryce Caron is a huge STR boost when you have several knights. Ser Guyard Morrigen helps fill out the deficit in intrigue icons, can turn Ser Emmon Cuy into a permanent claim boost without killing him, and can strengthen Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR).

The Green-Apple Knights are of course amazing in a knights deck. The Former Champion is strong and cheap renown. I've never gotten so much renown on him that he gets intimidate. Either someone plays Valar Morghulis or The First Snow of Winter, or the game ends before that happens.

The showcase characters are Brienne of Tarth (HoT), Randyll Tarly (Core), and The Knight of Flowers (Core). They all (but especially the first two) benefit from the many strength increasers in the deck (Margaery Tyrell (Core), Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR), Heartsbane, Arbor Marketplace, Jousting Pavilion, Wardens of the South, and the kicker, Brienne the Blue). These can stand characters and get power onto characters. If the opponent lets an attack through or doesn't see Brienne the Blue coming, you can also score power from Beacon of the South and The Honeywine.


I usually start with Summer Harvest, followed by Name Day Tourney. There are quite a few lords and ladies in the deck, so you should have at least one of them out by the second turn. What comes next depends on how the game is going. You've got a mini-wipe in The Mad King's Command, big econ in Late Summer Feast, and two potential game-enders in A Tourney for the King and You Win Or You Die.


Simple events that together counter events, locations, characters, and zerg attacks.

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